Christine Lagard Signals New Central Bank War on Crypto

Christine Lagard Signals New Central Bank War on Crypto


PEOPLE'S PLAN - The global central banks run the global economy. It is a dependency economy, producing a slave society, dependent on central bank debt for survival, and this new system is almost complete. Crypto currencies though small in capitalization, represent an an alternative to the central banking system. Therefore we expect crypto to be under increasing attack for a while.

Securing Decentralized Transaction From Centralized Bank Control

It is important for people to speak on many different levels at once. We will do so in this article. Time is short. The ability for those of us who speak freely is under attack, so the days of blogs will be numbered, unless the economic and philosophical, publishing transactional blockchain, can protect itself.
Here is a lot of ground to start with. The current economy controlled under terms of debt, by central banks is complete for all intent and purpose. People are too frightened, and in search of safety, distracted and/or hypnotized at present, to see the wealth transfer to the richest 1%, that has eliminated the middle class globally in under a year, due to global martial law lockdown.
All businesses and conditions of labor and payment, allowed to be in existence going forward, will be dependent on central banks for permission and political/economic validity. If you think this is not happening then perhaps you should drop this article and continue your quest for the perfect faucet. This is for thought leaders and faucet builders.
If you still are not sure whether this article will end up being crack pot, consider this. The people in charge of central banks are sick and twisted in nature. In their madness they are creating an unnatural Frankenstein monster, of which each of us and our DNA, are destined to be an imprisoned part.

The Nature Of The Universe And Blockchain Is Decentralized

The  sustainable development goals of UN Agendas 2021 and 2030, are the BLM, corporate and UN, World Bank justification, for the existential mass reorganization of society.  Phase 1 has been completed under lockdown. However, Global Warming and blackhole science are dead. Our future is increasingly getting colder. There is no big bang and we are destined for an ice age, not global warming and possible centuries of electrical disruption as well. The publicly supported central bank model for permanent centralized control and expanding regulations, are justified by faulty science. Lagard and Europe are getting a taste of the New World Climate Order this year. Spain is already seeing record cold this winter.

Ice Age, Electrical Disruption, Micronova

In our part of the universe, earth is on a 12.000yr solar nova cycle. This sadly has been confirmed now to have occurred 5 times, previously. We are nearing the final event in the cycle. The event is proceeded by a shift in earths magnetic field. Our planetary magnetic polar shift is now underway and accelerating. The last time this occurred was a little over 12,000yrs ago.
The big bang defies proof in the lab, and is increasingly disproven with new data from recently launched observation satellites.
That being said, as there is no big bang, so also there is no known permanent center of the universe. Rather, lab experiments and new observation satellite data coming online suggest centers form and reform throughout the electromagnetic universe as hubs in an interconnected web of energy currents, (or currencies), with various energy, frequencies, values and purposes.
Does the electromagnetic universe begin to sound a bit like the blockchain to you? There certainly are similarities.
PLEASE: I BEG YOU!  Review The Science Here @suspicious observers We Encourage You To Support Them

The Fun Political Stuff

For those of you who have stuck around, let's lightly touch on the Frankenstein bit. The new vaccine, admittedly stated on drug company sites, CDC and elsewhere, will experts confirm, change your DNA. The debate is whether it is permanent. Look it up.
I would be willing to bet a few points of my BTC profit tied to an untrusted network crypto bloockchain vote, that most people developing and creating their lives economically, and socially on the blockchain, do not favor forced vaccinations. They may want one themselves, but few likely, would want to force someone else to take it. That is the difference between the current central bank philosophy and the decentralized banking community.

AlucardLife On PublishOx, Opens the Regulation Discussion | First The Fed, Now the Euro

This week, Christine Lagard head of the European Central Bank Came out attacking Bitcoin as a potential criminal enterprise. This is an article by AlucardLife on her statement. 

The Disgusting Hypocrisy of Christine Lagard


Evil James Bond villain, Skeletor bitch and current European Central Bank (ECB) president Christine Lagard recently proposed global regulation on bitcoin. The bitch said that bitcoin was used for "funny business" and made remarks that called for international cooperation in reining in the currency.

Just a few years before, then IMF president Christine Lagard was convicted of providing over €400 million in shady money to a friend of the French president. She was absolutely found guilty, then received no punishment whatsoever. What's even more hilarious — the max punishment was...

This follows on the heals of another article we published based on reporting by the same author. This time about Fed alleged violations, and in our opinion, a broad vague attack on Ripple by FEC and Commodities regulators..

SEC vs Ripple | Is Crypto A Security, Commodity, or New Deal?

Following the example of all great predators, the SEC is going after a big enough prize to feed the establishment pride, while picking off what may be a weaker currency already facing other hardships in the market. SEC Stalking In The Crypto Wilderness The mighty predatory SEC herd dog pack, having subdued and centralized the …

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Securing The Decentralized Blockchain From Central Control

This part won't be easy. The Gig, Middleclass economic collapse, is almost complete. If you think that the central banks are not diametrically opposed to decentralized anything, let alone banking, then read no more. Your faucet awaits you. If you understand they will do all in their power to ween their heavy hitter investor operations away from crypto investments they do not like, you are correct they will likely attempt to if they haven't done so already, according to all evidence.

Crypto CAP Small C

In terms of Capitalization of Crypto compared to the stock market, The entire Cryptosphere, is fractions of a BTC in comparison to say NASDAQ. For instance the entire Capitalization for all of crypto, Ethereum, Bitcoin et al, is less than Apple capitalization. Apple is only one company. Then keep in mind as well that Apple and their clients in the corporate world, remain in business under terms of financial dependence on credit from the banks, and laws from governments, who themselves are subject to central bank terms, now tied to expanding national debt.

The Nature of Centralization and Decentralization

What our new telescopic discoveries and lab tests are confirming is that permanent centralized control in nature is not the rule. Central formations are the temporary condition of electromagnetic forces, in the universe. Energies burst forth and form, galactic, and solar centers, as other centers dissipate, or collide with other each other to create new central hubs, with spin off planets and orbiting satellite formations in the universe. This also reflects the activity of the financial markets, like crypto, stocks, etc.
Interestingly, the power to change the destiny of a solar system, planet, or even a galaxy due to a nova event, plasma burst of energy from a sun or forming center, is based on discharge intensity, not volume. 
Though the blockchain represents a small plasma capitalization burst in financial market volume, it is building in intensity now and it's concept for automated transactional value, purpose, and exchange, is a reflection of the integral nature of the decentralized universe. Probably why it's use is becoming more prevalent, in many ways more efficient, even for central banks, who now appear interested in controlling what crypto they can, and perhaps eliminating what they cannot..
Like it's discharge plasma cousin in the universe, the blockchain has the natural qualities to build in intensity. Those still reading hopefully are actively building or are interested in building crypto in intensity in their world now.

Protecting Nodes and Mining | Centralization Needs Decentralization

I am not an FTC, securities, or other legal expert sort of person, and don't pose as one either. So this isn't about legal strategy. But it should be obvious that physical protection of nodes, mines, and miners, coders etc, is now a crypto consideration. To elaborate, think, governments, under central bank guidance, attacking legally and in cyber, paramilitary and disappearance tactics various blockchain components. Will it happen. That is uncertain. What is certain is that such things are always being strategized economically and politically far beyond the parameters of the current blockchain.

The Natural Defense

The burst of energy into the economic universe that the blockchain represents is it's potential for exponential, economic efficiency and automated determination of value. Although the blockchain transaction speed is slow compared to an ATM, this is being reduced. The efficiency of automatic valuation without middle people, does potentially save a lot of time however and other expenses. Automatic, accurate valuation saves money on transactions where more money was paid based on an arbitrary time consuming analysis rather than an automatic provable value
The more disconnected however from the overall blockchain a single blockchain or currency becomes, the less efficiently it can contract and trade on the overall blockchain. Questions of transparency and inter-changeability are already causing a problem for acceptance of new bank created cryptos.
When the people within the corporate and banking management structure, find themselves preferring automatic valuation of blockchain crypto transactions in business, due to the efficiency, anonymity etc, and  apply crypto transactions to execute their job requirements as well as enhance business and private life, it may be more difficult to attack those holding crypto, and building in it, especially coders and miners., without unraveling parts of it that you don't intend. The anonymity of crypto increases this problem for centralized control as well.  Also the ability to replace relocate and reconnect nodes quickly creates tactical difficulties in controlling blockchain activity.

IRUUR1 Believes The Blockchain Is Intellectual Property, constituting an open source coded, intellectual public forum

Crypto currencies are then more like patents for transactions of value and purpose across what is an opensource, blockchain forum. BAT, which we are transacting together in part today, allows IRUUR1 to transact publishing and advertising. That is funding speech transactions and distribution primarily. These patents are not bought as proprietary assets by companies or individuals to utilize alone, but to the general public in the form of funding the patents use, by buying into patents such as Ethereum, BTC, and Dash, or stable coins and tokens. Blockchain crypto, so called currency, is not a conventional currency like bank notes and stocks or a commodity like wheat or gold. It needs to be considered differently.

Taxing Anonymous Crypto

In an economy, run by the People with a limited need for government authority, government service revenue from crypto might be best met by taxing energy use tied to each specific transaction on the blockchain. The government system could automatically collect accurate revenue with each transaction, like gas fees, to be used for infrastructure needs like energy and communications. Also of course investigating real cases of real patent and financial fraud.


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