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Accountability Partners and Why You Should Have One

By Marts | Marts | 11 May 2021

Here's a scenario. You are planning to launch a new business. You do not have enough information gathered about the business but you are so eager to leap because of unsolicited advice from an online influencer. You want to replicate his success. His testimony tickles you that you are beginning to count the chicks even before the eggs hatch - the fact is there are no eggs, to begin with! 

Good thing you have a friend who took time to knock some sense out of you and geared you away from that business endeavor. He explained to you, though with slight resistance from your end, the red flags that you must have noticed but failed to. A few days passed and that business turned out to be a scam. You felt relieved and your money spared, thanks to your accountability partner.


What is an accountability partner?

An accountability partner is someone who checks upon you, helps you get through your life challenges, and corrects you whenever you are in the wrong, and keeps a close watch when are already at the edge of falling. In other words, an accountability partner is your ideal best friend. Since the meaning of a best friend already is taken loosely these days, an accountability partner carries greater weight. 

I have a couple of accountability partners and I consider them blessings. To state the obvious, here are some reasons why you should have one. 


Accountability partners help us with our problems

We cannot go on living alone. It is possible, but it is not advisable. Besides, life is easier when we have someone to share our burdens with. People who are burdened with many problems find it helpful when they have someone who listens to their rants and whines. You can never underestimate the power of a listening ear in addressing people's problems.


Accountability partners give us a better perspective of ourselves

A lot of times I felt like I am worthless and good-for-nothing. My self-pity was getting the best of me. My productivity was affected, my relationships were stirred. I know I am not at my best. Good thing I have accountability partners who are ready to help me see the bigger picture beyond my problems and personal issues. They helped me see past the tears and made me realize the purpose behind them. They reminded me of who I am and what I am capable to do. After all the counseling and listening, of rebuking and reminding, I know I became better and stronger. 


Accountability partners knock sense to us when we go astray

Just like my example, accountability partners have a special foresight when we are going into dangerous edges. We know they are concerned enough when they do not always tolerate the things that we do, especially when it has the potential to harm us in the long run. They are not afraid to tell us in the face that we are wrong, even if their words will surely hurt us. It is not that they are not supportive. They just want us to choose better options and live better lives. If they would rather see us harmed than risk their chance to rebuke us, they are not true friends at all. 


Accountability partners keep us on track

Through thick and thin, accountability partners stick to the end. They will not leave us hanging, they will make sure that we are on the right track. When we are not making any progress, they will push us, or pull us with all their might. They are our number one supporter and cheerleader, and they will be the first to cry with us when things get out of hand. 

Do you have accountability partners? How is your relationship with that person? Share your thoughts below!

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Hi, I am Marts! I am a writer, and aside from my stint here, I also have my own blog - I appreciate it if you pay me a visit! I plan on growing my readership as I learn to improve my craft.


Hi, I am Marts! I am a writer, and aside from my stint in publish0x and, I also have my own blog - I appreciate it if you pay me a visit! I plan on growing my readership as I learn to improve my craft and journey towards my passion to write and publish books that add value to people.

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