The Federal Reserve Cuts Rates Close to Zero
The Fed

The Federal Reserve Cuts Rates Close to Zero

Today, Jerome Powell slashed rates from 0 to 0.25. How will this affect your portfolio? Do you know how to trade this? If not don’t worry I’ll help you guys out (I’m not a financial adviser you can lose all of your investment listening to me). Although, the bottom isn't plain and simple. Volatility (Tvix, UVXY) is high and going higher. The futures are down big on this second emergency cut. 

One of the host Denis Dick of Benzinga Pre market prep said on his show that he holds 70% cash and uses the rest to trade with. He plans to wait it out a few months to catch this dip. 

I just saw an article from Bloomberg that said the biggest buyers of stocks are gone for Q1 & Q2, so it would be smart to wait a few months. 

Silver is spiking with 300% demand according to the Uncut Silver Report on YouTube. 

So precious metals would be a good thing to start accumulating GLD is the only ticker I know of(Please post in the comments if you know a good ticker for precious metals). I plan on being bearish until May/June time frame. I’ve been buying puts on NFLX, TSLA, APPL, TLT calls, UVXY calls, TVIX shares, and SPY 2022 calls out of the money. We are in unprecedented times, normally the spy falls around 35% in a recession and we already hit 28%. The next two weeks will be the worst as far as this virus goes. There are many unforeseen things that could happen as well like. NYSE could close down temporarily. Iranian retaliation for the eye for an eye last week's attacks. 









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Market Speculation

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