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Kickexchange Hosted "Frozen Drop" = Legal Rug Pull Method? $1300 Value Ripped from my Wallet Get $Kick-ed In Tha Head

You ever wake up check your crypto wallets and notice WTF there is an airdrop I'm rich! I have gotten that feeling a couple of times over the past year. We had the 400 $UNI from Uniswap, The Badger AirDrop, I missed out on the 1Ich one :( and also a bunch of Lucky souls got the $Kick to airdrop on Newyears Eve. Just was given to a certain amount of wallets with high ETH balances.

I feel scammed by this $Kick airdrop though. I'm salt about the entire situation. They basically made a coin. Air dropped it to me. Made a new coin and transferred all the value from the old coin to the new coin and made a dumb rule that you don't get the new one unless you got the warning 1 month prior to the move. 

Who gives everyone crypto and takes it back? They claim it's innovation with this new thing they invented called the "Frozen Drop" but really it's a genius plan to screw everyone over. If you look at their Facebook page:

it's littered with people asking for their coins back. Granted this is crypto and it's the wild wild west out here. 

I think Kick Exchange is SKETCH for pulling this stunt. It was a solid move for them, screw over tons of holders in the US and long live Russia. Because if this was pulled in the US there would be a massive class-action lawsuit. 

I called them out on their Bull-Shit and they started talking smack back to me and deleted some of my messages so I thought, I would elevate my platform here.







What do you guys out there think? Do they have the right to airdrop a coin to you and then invent another coin and transfer all the value to that coin? 

In my opinion, this was a fancy rug pull. By not letting everyone collect their coins retroactively they showed everyone how centralized their coin is. 

One person or company shouldn't be able to liquidate an entire coin with one month's notice via Medium and Facebook posts. 

Someone hit up Elon for me and propose this to the Mining Council I'd like to see this set as a standard in the new crypto world order. 



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