Crypto Games Are the Next Level of Gaming Part #1 CSC

Crypto Games Are the Next Level of Gaming Part #1 CSC

Everyone knows how the blockchain is revolutionizing the world. The biggest thing it provides when it’s a public chain is accountability and authenticity. Currently the world is moving towards converting all finacinces and other important sectors of the economy that need this factor of trust with each other. This is also true in the gaming realm. Collector card games for example today like Yu-gi-ho, Magic the gathering, and Pokemon etc, desperately need to be moved to the blockchain to protect their integrity. I’m sure there are countless players around the world with counterfeit cards. 


Crypto Space Commanders is the first of the new breed of video games. I saw this a few months ago and thought it was a scam. Why would everyone be putting their hard earned ETH into this game. I soon learned it was up and running as I saw another article talking about it on Publish0x. But it’s actually NOT a scam because they have a licensing deal with CBS to use the Star Trek Content. It has a Player Owned Economy set in our universe. Easiest way to explain this game would be world of warcraft but in space and your dude is a spaceship. You gain new powers and weapons through missions which make you stronger and give you more powers to complete more missions. Easy to rack up 60 hours on this game which I did because it’s one of those you have in the background running at work or when you're trading. You often have to wait 5,10 maybe 20 minutes for your ship to get to its location. And if you're going to a battle you can’t just sit it and forget it you have to be there to make decisions. 


There is really three kinds of missions:

Transporting People & Stuff (My Favorite)




My Fleet


.01 ETH Skipper (Starting Ship)

.01 ETH (Starting Ship but you get two)

.3 ETH Sovereign Class Enterprise (Bought on Open

.75 ETH NightSaber (Got in a 10$ pack)

.1 ETH Oasis (Got in a 10$ pack)

Crypto Space Commander Advanced Knowledge


Travel time will depend on your ship. I advise buying one on sooner than later to save time. 


Each of these locations took about a 5 Hour Trip. I sent them out to explore before I went to sleep so in the morning I would be able to see the areas and document them for you. 



Just Asteroid Mining & Battle 


FL Virgins 

Just Asteroid Mining, Ice Rocks, Yellow and Pink Gas


16 ETA Leporis

Just Asteroid Mining, Yellow and Pink Gas


43 Beta Comae Berenices

Is one of my favorite places to go. The loot is good there and the missions are plentiful. Takes me around 30/40 minutes to get there but it’s worth it. 


How to win a battle with stronger opponents than you. The strategy is to get them to trail you at around 400Gus then start picking at them with long range weapons till they are destroyed. Eventually they stop trailing you and get stuck in this one sweet spot where you can just pick them off. But watch out because you could spend 10 minutes there killing the Drone to try to escape with it’s life with just a hit or two left. I don’t battle a lot because of this and I can only win with my special trailing strategy. But I do know that Infiltrator Drone S003 is Easy, and Mother Drone S001, and Assassin Drone MK.1 is Hard and has longer range than me. 


How to use multiple ships at once. Send out ships using FTL travel instead of Gate Travel and you will see an option to go to Home Station. You can do this for as many ships as you have, and you can go back to them later through the FLT menu in your Home Station.


Mining tips and tricks for deep space. When mining on fringe planets enemies show up a lot when mining so be careful and ready to fight or run because you can mine for an hour just to lose it all in a drone fight. (which happened to me today) After some research i found out about the cloaking device. I need few of these for my fleet because I run into a lot of foes when mining, which seem to get stronger by each wave.


Crafting (Don’t know how to or anything about this yet.)

This is pretty expensive at the moment. Some shops are pretty cheap but they are always full of people using them. It cost around 200$ for your own workshop. Or you can grind with in game currency and get one eventually. 


What could be a smart Idea. I spent 60$ on a pack of GFC and I got enough for a few packs. I bought one combat, one transport, and one mining pack. I was greatly rewarded by them I picked up an Oasis and a Nightsaber combined worth around 00.80 ETH. Plus some much needed equipment for my other ships. Pretty Stoked on my set up now. 


What Not to Do. I was looking in the offers section of the missions and I accidentally bought some Trilite Fuel. I spent 1000 GFC which is around 10$. This stuff definitely has a purpose. I think they may require it in the future to use the gates. But for now it’s just clogging up my inventory and chilling at my home planet. Another thing is I got two 



Having my own station seems really far out.

Aliens are far and few between.

Really addicting and time consuming.


Have you played Crypto Space Commanders Before?

Do you know where the best loot is? Share in the chat any helpful knowledge it would be greatly appreciated. 


Here is a link to the game!


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Market Speculation Investing With Homies

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Market Speculation Investing With Homies
Market Speculation Investing With Homies

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