The relation between music and price

The relation between music and price

Just a quick little breakdown of something I was just contemplating. 

A great way to understand price action if you're a musician is to relate it to the way notes in a particular key feed back into the root. The up and down movements seeking resolution. Build tension sand release. The multiple trends is just like the concept of polyrhythms stacked on top of each other. It's also a freaking wave function. Lol. Statistical analysis of waves is a much larger field than trading and the place you'll find the most information about trading because you'll understand the inherent traits of a wave and how the time and fluctuation coincide to form the sine. And how once you understand the concepts of time cycles along with the tendencies of data when skewed across a span. Also you factor in the multi trends and the cyclic nature of growth and balance and you'll come a long way.

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🍏🍎 Hungry 4 ApplZ 🍎 🍏

The milk industry doesn't have a patent on single rhetorical questions..... Do they?

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