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Cleared $1,000 publishing and gaming on hive in 8 months here's how ($250 Splinterland card) and much more

By Chubbie149 | Marijuana economy | 17 Feb 2021

Earned my first $1,000 publishing/game playing frankly its more than that but I'm just talking one ledger/project group Hive, Leo,, CTP, Hivehustlers, Crypto brew masters, Splinterlands, Dcity, HIve-Engine. there is so much more  but I dont want to loose your attention.  I have very little to offer for friends online I'm not that good an author but you can make hive Leo quite profitable if you use it right you have to put in some work sure but after 6 months I'm so glad I laid the ground work. The link is to my starter guide I took 10 hours on its a complex  service use it right have patience and you will be happy you did.

Publishing mostly about the weed I smoke and playing videogames is a skill set that I somehow monetized literally any thing you do is possible to  monetize. I am not breaking any laws I'm going to make this clear I'm not please dont I'm also not qualified to give legal or financial advice just a lucky stoner spreading the good word of Hive.

New public front end just re launched recently I have been messaging the dev team


WEED weedcash EOS derived Hive-engine created crypto rewarded to users for posting in weedcash can be traded Via exchanges like Hive-engine  or used via blog or their weedcash store making it the firsst hive engine token with a real world use case and a solid project i smoke weed not huff paint I know my crypto They have a PoS Proof of stake, DPoS Delagated Proof of Stake, & PoB Proof of Brain mining and asset distribution system  with a real world use case impressive for some potheads.



HBD is Hive backed dollar $1.50 USD right now


This card alone $250 (not my only card) Is the most expensive though This is from splinterlands they started on steemit but hive is easier I think to use for an account though not required you get better prices a better exchange service discontinued packs and much more. Crypto brew masterscan be on or off hive as well but again hives better cheaper Prize money

My hive referal it helps me see new users added & post I think I give you one % not the other way reverse referral weird right but I can promote your content give you delegation from gift giver but you have to post otherwise I'm just throwing money away. Hive is really difficult for first time users here is my referral but if you get stuck check the guide I did it should help.


Want to just post about finance keep it strictly business no fun and games you probably will earn more than me, leo finance earns users the most my guide will help either user hive and Leo finance are connected but also not I have a meta mask wallet account I'm trying out but its strictly on Leo for now but hive hustler and weedcash are working on wrapped eth systems. Most hive blogs other then leofinance require browser extensions and 4 different passwords because its all on ledger a wallet so to speak private posting keys are required if you dont use hive key chain hive signer for mobile or meta mask wallet for Leo or the other two for Leo as well.



Dcity an investment micro mining build that looks like a game but it mines crypto with the trappings of NFTs and game play fun makes money but can get pricey.

Like linked in for coders devs influencers crypto bloggers this one is business oriented so nothing like the weedcash content please, again normal web site that helps new users not in hive blockchain get info.

Games earning guide 



Maximizing Mythical monster production, simple premise I have been experimenting with lately. Any one that follows me has probably seen that I have been foaming at the mouth excited over my first legendary Gold splinterlands card. My Necrotic need for NFTs at the lowest price point has me on Hive and wax wallet. This being said affordable doesn't mean worthless the opposite in fact worthwhile Splinterlands particularly has some extremely valuable assets. Ranging from pennies to thousands of dollars some prices are more than enough to purchase a house in my area. In fact they can even be leased like a car, or rented if you prefer that term though there are multiple implications for leasing and not renting.

So how is this about finance, its a game right?

Yes but games are an ill-defined genre especially when you get into the realm of blockchain games. A NFT like cryptocurrency are produced in such a way that while there are the same Item or card these assets have a identifying alphanumeric or numeric identifying signature. In essence these cant be falsified so forgeries cant exist, limited minting collectables in real life have a value that can change wildly due to many factors. popularity is one of the most important though age and rarity as well as condition are important.

Blockchain assets

In game items up until blockchain games are arguably worthless, Due to the nature of blockchain assets this no longer true. While yes these assets are in game they are also an asset out of the game can be transferred as such and most importantly cant be modified or replicated. meaning that regardless of whom is transferring it can be redeemed to other users or a retailer for its appraised value. Unlike there real world counterpart they do not degrade when opened (except for packs which can have a NRFB value when the production is over) However an unopened pack of the current minting is under retail value.

This is why these collectables are somewhat a financial asset just as a comic book stores collectables are for that business. The major difference is that these have a value accessible to everyone not just retailers. Bets part of blockchain right taking powers back the previous system left out of the average persons reach.

My investing strategy

I'm on a tight budget this is why I prefer HIVE to ETH Games I literally cant afford the gas to experiment with these markets. I'm sure AXI infinity users are happier but I dont have $3,000 to drop in a game. $40 over 8 months seems like to much to spend on a game so this is why hive has been so helpful writing about block chain as I learn things has been a good way to fund these side ventures like splinterlands.

I still dont like to spend much so I have been doing a earrings analysis of sorts with their cheapest asset at the shop potions. I have only been doing this a week and wish I learned sooner of their potential for $2 you could buy a pack of cards 5 cards to be specific or 2 potions. These two potions are daily reward potion ($1.25) and quest potion ($0.75) giving users six rewards total. However you run the risk of the rewards being worth less then five of the cheapest cards. This seemed to be a bad idea at first but I have been wrong day after day earning more in appraised value then I spent. Taking advantage of market prices of DEC on exchanges minimizes my risk as well. spending on average $1.50.


Shocking I have generated assets worth over $280 in the course of six days. spending at most $12. I now own 2 legendary cards one of which is gold and a new plot of land all generated using these potions over 2 days and doing my daily challenge.2 Plots of land retailing for $20 but I could sell it for $10 on hive engine, one legendary card sells for $250 or can be burnt for 50,000 DEC. Worse case scenario I could get $200 right away if necessary.

I had not made a profit on splinterlands until I started doing this now I'm profiting daily, you can keep doing your daily challenge for 1 chest or spend $0.75 and get 5 instead giving you 35 chests a week giving you a fairly decent chance of recovering any losses.


all of this just $12, I know it takes luck to the last card only has 3 in circulation so I get that luck is a factor but its worth while for me at least to try when I can afford it.
Up to my second legendary card Its not valued at $250 but it looks so cool and like a dangerous guard cat DARK HA'ON.

I think ill try my hand at leasing out these rare puppies( I mean kitties I guess) Them and some of my other rare and legendary collection.


These are just my epic legendary and gold cards I have 122 total cards, I have to test this method of investing in potions but considering I have had a great deal of success week 1 my running theory is the profits will continue. Or minimal losses at very least, of course learning to play the game is a important aspect, but I still barely understand why I loose in some cases you only have to fumble your way through 5 challenges a day, but the mystery potion doesn't require you to play the daily challenge.
However by using both you minimize your loses from either but if I had to pick I would pick the $0.75 quest potion even though the other can give out land plots it $1.25 & the reward is often a card or land plots in my limited experience.

Todays earnings from the season ending
Making it to silver league rank 2 gives you 15 chests
5 gold foil potions 2 normal cards 3 piles of Dec with 15 or les a pile 4 legendary potions and this the best card.
12 days for $3 or spend a little money to increase your daily chances I tried the former I am beginning to prefer the later.


Todays the last day of the season as well I'm set to get 15 more chests and the airdrop for packs should be very soon later today or early tomorrow.
Games are fun but I recent years I have seen their potential profits while the characters are fake the money is all to real.

check for some of my cards available to lease soon on monster mart

Need some extra cash for fun and games work your way up the game ladder like I did by which I mean start with something free:
Move to something affordable get started for about $5-$10 Crypto brew masters sends me prize money weakly and the in game market for Beer NFTs via the pub means instant sales.
I get 5 of these a weak its worth the cost of starting the game if you play daily it can be quite profitable. I get these prizes above for placing top 25 players in several challenges every week
Splinterlands is the most profitable now but this took some doing the other two are good entry level blockchain games simple RPG loop like freemium games that pay you.

I got this NFT above in my WAX wallet first asset I own in my WAX wallet but they seem to be partnered with a lot of the same companies that I already use so I'm sure this is my next obsession


Games include I got a total around $1,100 crypto that i could easily exchange and spend I just earned it all there and choose to re invest in Hive because I have seen what a low level budget and persistence got me I am not rich this is by far the most i have ever made outside construction (which requires near death level of physical activity daily) Smoking pot blogging about it and playing videogame has made me $1,100. 

If your on PublishOx out side of influencer and affiliate marketers no one earns this much a post (Wish they would drop ETH) but I'm faithful to both but I have been on here 2 years barely $100 Hive 6 months $1,000.

b4eda466648be517899aa779144b6f409f561cb8fd32cdbe5df3458a141ec82e.png I do this once a week plus prizes splinter lands mining I do well for the $20 I put in initially but that's not required gift giver a faucet is not something i knew of in the beginning for resources for free.



Do you make any content at all on the web, you should be compensated 40 views is as important as 40,000 Hive makes the hum of small bloggers into a roaring Buzz.



Now I'm making NFT designs for reals, I had problems paying for electric before crypto now I have a grand I'm kicking around wondering how the hell I managed this. mining and hodl for the good life Hive helped me the every man turn my hobby into a potential future. Side note  can I claim weed as a business expense on my taxes? because its not something I had to ask before but now I'm getting curios if yes I'm going to be really happy next tax season because that makes government regulatory paperwork aka taxes fun/ I smoke about a car in value of weed a year $10,000-$15,000 so it would be nice to write that off as a business expense. the weed is super expensive from local dispensaries so that is really not that far off on cost.

Got distracted your probably a better author then my stoned ass getting sidetracked every couple words and that's great, Are you on hive or at latest clearing $50 a month publishing  if the answer to either is yes more power to you if the answer is no get on hive study that shit like a cram session for midterms and publish there its worth the effort I barely use punctuation. Cant write a proper article to save my ass and I'm doing well imagine some one using less than $10,000 a year in pot could accomplish.


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chubb149 from HIVE white listed Weedcash NFT producer & WAX NFT vendor every post comes with an NFT airdrop

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