The World's Best Crypto Map. v0.2

The World's Best Crypto Map. v0.2

A Map of Cryptocurrency organizations based on the OSI Model and by industry. The NFT is a downloadable copy of "The Map of Crypto" as of December 2020.

The Map presents cryptocurrency organizations mapped by the Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI Model), which maps the functions of various computer processes within the global technology stack.

We map Layer 1 (Blockchains & (Smart Contract Platforms), Layer 2 (Middleware Solutions), Layer 3 Tools and Services), and Layer 4 (Applications). Within certain layers we break down of crypto organizations and crypto-assets by industry and by function, including classifications like: "eth staking", "DeFi Indexes", "NFT's", "crypto banking", etc.

The Map will be interactive with clickable links to each organizations coingecko page. Those that purchase the Map today, will get the updated copy, once I've hyperlinked the Map. If you are Developer, I can create a simple database of "organization", "cashtag", "classification", "Layer", "industry" for you to use.

This Map provides a visual and contextual aid to your macro-understanding of cryptocurrencies. Use this as a research tool for your investing. The various Altcoins in existence provide different functions and have different valuation propositions. It gives us valuable insight into the ecosystem and where we can find diversification within the crypto industry.

If you like it and are super cool, head over to any of the links below, and purchase the NFT for 5 DAI. 






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Please note: The material presented in all articles is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice. Do not invest in the organizations I provide analysis about. This is not investment advice. Crypto Cartography, including its principal, is not a financial advisor. Please seek professional investment & tax advice before investing.

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