Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness

By Maonx-Blog | Maonx-Blog | 25 Apr 2022

Mental toughness

How do you measure mental and emotional toughness?
Have you ever heard the saying before?
Never judge a book by its cover. Well, never judge toughness by its cover. You cannot judge someone's toughness by what they look like. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said the difference between a hero and an average person is that the hero goes five minutes longer, meaning the hero can handle the pain five minutes longer than the average person.

Life is going to test you every freaking day. Let me explain to you why this is a very weird thing. You could have one week, the best week of your life, and the next week, something dramatic happens. I'm not sure why life works the way it does; it just does. It's terrible.

The pressure is terrible. Being tested is terrible. There's nothing about it when you're in it that's exciting, but there are a lot of great things about it when you come out of it. There are a lot of exciting things about it when you leave it. You're going to be tested in your marriage while you're running a career.

You're going to be tested with your family with somebody passing away while you're chasing your dreams. Arnold was going to win Mr. Universe the day before. A few days before his father died, he tells his mom, I can't make it to the funeral because my dad if he's watching over me, wants me to pursue my dreams. I'm going to win Mr. Universe. He goes and wins Mr. Universe, and the rest is history.

This doesn't mean he doesn't love his dad. This means he's got a spiritual relationship with his death. At the moment, I'm not sure what I'll do. Here he goes, he wins and becomes Mr. Olympia in those moments of the decisions we make.

When you're getting tested and you feel like you're by yourself, those are moments where you're measuring your toughness. Those are moments where you're being tested constantly. When you're operating at the level of excellence, you're doing that well, the way you know you should have done it in the first place, but when you're pursuing your greatness, you don't know where that can go.

You don't know where that can lead to. When Larry Bird walks on the court or Michael Jordan, people don't pack stadiums to see them because they're excellent. They're going there to witness greatness because anybody and everybody can't do that. You don't know what your limits are, so you want to act like you don't have any.

You want to build toughness, you want to know somebody that gets things done, and you're not soft. The next time you're going to say you're going to do something, do it. The next time you're in a pressure situation where it's terrible and you can lose and be embarrassed, tolerate the pain a little longer, go a little longer.

The next time you're in a moment that you don't really like being in and it's embarrassing to go a little longer, the next time you're going through pressure-type situations where you're being tested, talk to yourself.

Your body can handle a lot of pain that we don't know about. I'm going to push my body to that level. I'm going to push it. I'm going to push it and test my limits.

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