My shrimp tank

By Manixxia | Manixia | 26 Apr 2020

The shrimp tank

I have a big intrest of shrimps and have just started up it again.

All have fish tanks and yes they are nice to look at but why have something that all have. So a few years back i decided to start to have shrimps. 

i started to have red sakura. they are realy reasy to have.

But after i have moved and im out inte world working i hade no time to have the tank any more. 

So now then i have moved together with my girlfriend i dissuaded to have it again. I took out my old 30 L tank and started to fill her up again. 

Before i did go and buy new shrimps i need to do some steps before i cane put them in. 

I need to : 

  • Boil the old sand. so all bacteria is gone
  • i need to buy plant so the good bacteria comes so it is a good environment fore the shrimps 
  • i need to take the Ph, Kh, No2,No3, Fe rate on the water 

After 3 weeks checking it time to buy some shrimps. But what cind do i want? its like 30 diffrent of then. 

I didnt want a realy difficult one and i didnt want a easy one eather. So after some looking i did buy 15 Blue navy.

I put them in to the water and so fare they like it.  The problem is that i dont realy like who it looks. i have blue sand and some moss and some seaweed and a glass bowl. I whounder if im going to change the sand to another color maybe red. 



What water rate an i going to have?

The rate i need to have in the water so they are healthy are :

  • Ph: 7,5
  • No 2: <0,01
  • No 3: 5
  • Fe: <0,02
  • Kh: between 4 and 8
  • temp : 24 -26 


What do i do to keep the water rate?

I change 1 L of water every day and i do that to keep the No3 down.

I have do a Ph control every month and if the Ph is to high och to low i have a powder that i mix and pore in to the tank.

A tip to keep the rate is that to have good plants and change the water often (not mutsh but often. 1 L every day is a good recommendation)


This was little about my tank and i will do a update post then i get my second tank or do any changes. I will do a post then i get my fish tank with not to commen fishes 


Have a lovey day all and thank fore reading and tip this post 





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