Weekly Blockchain News with Mammycrypto Jan, 16th 2021
By Mammycrypto

Weekly Blockchain News with Mammycrypto Jan, 16th 2021

By Mamaecrypto | Mamaecrypto | 17 Jan 2021

This week Bitcoin took its first dip after hitting its new all time high and I am not gonna lie, I did get a little scared. After living thru a full bear cycle it it truly hard to get our brain around the fact that the charts still show a bullish trend. It is time to stay on top of the news and ride the volatility. Hope for the best and prepare for worst in such an unpredictible year and unprecedented scenario we are living in. Left wondering when Things are TRULY getting back to normal. If ever right! 

In the meantime let's get to the most important headlines in Crypto and blockchain. Let's pay some attention on specialized topics that are now becoming a lot more mainstream I would say. Check it out on the slide or quick list below. Slide has few perks for sure!


For this week those are:


Sunday, Jan 10th, 2021: Chinese state-owned bank tests digital yuan ATMs in Shenzhen  - https://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/90715/china-bank-digital-yuan-atm-test


Monday, Jan 11th 2021: Kentucky Bill Seeks to Lure Crypto Miners With Tax Breaks - https://www.coindesk.com/kentucky-bill-seeks-to-lure-crypto-miners-with-tax-breaks


Tuesday, Jan 12h 2021: Underhyped? Bitcoin sentiment lags despite bull run - https://cointelegraph.com/news/underhyped-bitcoin-sentiment-lags-despite-bull-run


Wednesday, Jan 13th 2021: Miami Mayor Wants City to Be Crypto Capital of the World - https://decrypt.co/54083/miami-mayor-wants-city-to-be-crypto-capital-of-the-world


Thursday, Jan 14th, 2021: Jerome Powell says the Fed's work on stablecoin risks is a 'very high priority' https://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/91327/jerome-powell-fed-stablecoins


Friday, Jan 15th, 2021: Goldman Sachs to Enter Crypto Market ‘Soon’ With Custody Play: Source - https://www.coindesk.com/goldman-sachs-to-enter-crypto-market-soon-with-custody-play-source


Saturday, Jan 16th, 2021: Enjoy your Saturday! 



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