BREAKING: Cryptocurrency Godfather’s BetaNet Reportedly Seeking Brazilian Applicants

By Mamaecrypto | Mamaecrypto | 17 Apr 2019

Applications to run a BetaNet node launching David Chaum’s Elixxir platform are open through Friday night at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time, and the platform reportedly is actively seeking Brazilian node operators for the BetaNet test. Chaum and the Elixxir core team have been presenting the platform at Paris Blockchain Week this week, where it has come to light that Brazil is a critical component to helping launch a globally distributed test of the BetaNet network.  


The rollout follows a 6-Step selection process, inspired by the IETF’s early standardization of the internet, and is driven by community feedback and selection.


Applications are available in Portuguese here:


Chaum has been a pioneer in cryptography since the late 1970s, when his work on “vault systems” is credited with articulating the idea of a blockchain in 1979. A leader in the space since, Chaum created the first digital currency in 1994 with DigiCash and is widely considered the “father of online anonymity” thanks to his work in the 1980’s inventing blind signatures and mix networks intended to protect user privacy as the internet was in its infancy (for those who don’t know, the TOR network is derived from Chaum’s mix networks, although it’s application is less sophisticated and effective than Chaum’s original work).



Led by David, Elixxir is reported to be a culmination of Chaum’s life work - a breakthrough new full-stack blockchain platform, built from the ground up with revolutionary gold standard cryptography to address the scaling issues experienced by recent blockchain projects. The platform leverages a novel new consensus mechanism to deliver quantum-resistant security capable of supporting metadata-resistant messaging, payments, and decentralized application (dApp) data transfer on a global scale.


The full-stack blockchain platform can reportedly process over 100,000 transactions per second while simultaneously safeguarding user privacy through complete metadata-resistance and is already live in a testnet environment.


The BetaNet rollout has been underway since January, and the application window closes with the conclusion of Paris Blockchain Week this Friday.

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