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Bitcoin Rabbit Hole NFT + Original Art

By Mamaecrypto | Mamaecrypto | 19 Jan 2022

The Bitcoin Rabbit Hole drawing is finally complete. Hours of dedication and positive affirmations were invested into each section of this 9in x 12in drawing by Michelle Mafra AKA @MamaeCrypto (Twitter and Instagram). Now this piece can be yours. 


ON Auction Now on Atomic Hub Marketplace - WAX Blockchain   

Link to auction:  

Un-click Whitelisted only to be able to visualize the NFt and auction  

Min bid $250 (Includes shipping USA - CA)   1-1 NFT that includes the original art.  

Buyer redeems the Original Art by proving Transaction ID for the sale and shipping address to artist directly at [email protected]   Once transaction ID is Confirmed - Art will be shipped to the winner within 7 business days using a traceable shipping method. For international shipments please note that there will be a $25.00 Additional shipping charge if the winning bid is below $300. For any bids above $300 international shipping will be free.   I cannot wait to see some of my ART displayed on your wall. Thank you so much for investing in ART and Culture. together we are making history and revolutionizing the way we can transfer art.  

Here are some amazing People who already are Proud Owners of Michelle Mafra (MamãeCrypto's Art)  

1. Kenn Bosak -

2. Litecoin Lisa -

3. Jeff Crane -

Among others!   

Feel free to stop by their social media accounts and ask about MamãeCrypto for your reference. It is important to do your research when it comes to purchasing original ART.    I sure hope to add YOU to my list of references as well. To be honest if you like my art, it means we connected and I would love to get to know you more and more! Let's  keep in touch and connect.   Also, did you noticed I posted some progress videos of The Bitcoin Rabbit Hole Piece in my instagram account? If not feel free to stop by. You will be able to check out the actual piece taking shape, the level of detail that goes into it.

Here is a link to them:  

1. In progress :

2. In progress:

3. Grand Finale:  

All my best,

Michelle Mafra


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