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I am celebrating my productivity this weekend. This is my second article in two weeks. I have always enjoyed writing. I did write my first blog post in 2010. But, I have only written 13 articles in the last 12 years. So, the second article in two weeks is a reason enough to celebrate. And I have only one thing to thank for this success.


My brand new iPad.

This might make you think that my reason for writing so sparsely over the years could be due to the unavailability of an object to write on. I thank you for being so considerate. And, I wish it were true. Unfortunately, it is not. I had a personal laptop, a work laptop and a 5-year-old tablet. I could have used any one of them to write but, I did not. So yes, it is pure laziness and some busyness. Well, I could write a novel on my sustainable laziness but that is a topic for another day.

For today, I wanted to write about how this new iPad with a keyboard gave me a reason to be productive and start writing. This finally brings me to the topic today. How I have been using Matter and Time to improve my productivity.

Some people are productive by nature. I admire them. Sometimes, I envy them too. In my case though, I am in a state of rest by default. I have to push myself to be productive. And, this is when I come up with a host of tips and tricks to remove myself from my default state. I am writing this article to share some of these tricks with my fellow humans in the same boat of persistent idleness. So the first one is

Using Matter

We buy a new gadget/tool/book or anything that is material and has a price tag and use it as a motivation for our productivity. In my case, I purchased an iPad with a keyboard and justified the purchase by deciding to work on my writing. This may work when you are going to do something you like. The purchase need not be a big one. A Udemy course, a book, or even a pen can be a reason to start doing something you like. We are just using this purchase as a jump start to our activity. I have been using this technique for some time now in my personal and professional life, giving me better results than pure motivation did. The second one is


Using Time

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Almost everyone might have done this. We all have new year’s resolutions. Don’t we? Now that we are in December, some of us might have already started listing out the resolutions for the new year. And why not? This is indeed one of the great ways to try and bring order to life.

But, this construct of the year is not something that existed before us, mankind. We invented this construct and live by it all our life. We live by other time constructs too. We have a quarter, a month, a day, an hour, a minute, a second and a millisecond and so on. So why should we stop ourselves at the construct of the year for starting something new?

Are we not starting a new second every second? A new minute every minute? We can start doing anything productive starting from the next day. After all, it is a new day. Right?

We can always start slow and update the construct we are using. We can start with the new year and hopefully reach a new hour. In my case, I had the time I needed, all the needed vegetables, a working stove, and all the utensils to cook, and I still decided to cook food from today and not yesterday. Although, I am indeed happy that I did not think of a new year to start cooking. Now that I have written this article today, I may start cooking tomorrow. I hope to update my construct to an hour instead of a day in future.

Making Matter and Time, My Productivity Partners might work for me. Being a seasoned procrastinator, I might still stumble and fall back to my old ways. But I can always start again afresh with the below pointers.

  1. Purchasing something new does not always need to be considered an expense. It can be an investment too. The new purchase can be a partner in my productivity and help me achieve better things in life.
  2. Instead of being afraid of losing time, if I can make time as my partner and know that I have a new minute every minute, I can become more productive and less scared of losing my time.

After all, We can always look at the glass as half full and not half empty. Positivity pays!!

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Mallikarjuna Kanala
Mallikarjuna Kanala

Consultant. Product Owner. Utility and Ecommerce. Love to read. Enjoy writing.


I am a Consultant, Product Owner, Utility Industry expert, Retail Industry Enthusiast and learner by nature. I love to write. I enjoy reading. Here to learn about Crypto and also write about anything the heart wants me to. Looking forward to have fun on this platform.

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