Look who's here, the mistress DOT (My #Publish0xWinterMeme)

By Binotoshi | makingiteasyforyou | 4 Jan 2021



Happy Holidays Publish 0xian.

Well, its been a while when I had an article. Getting back with a meme.

This "Who's here, the mistress DOT" was just a meme that I am holding for so much time.

I see the whole crypto world as a family, and I would like to share some 2020 family highlight.

DADDY BTC, the handsome guy. The most attractive at all times. Am I going to tell it "the GOAT"?

MOMMY ETH, the very expensive wife. The spurge wife. Well, she already learned. ETH 2.0 is coming! The matured one maybe? Is she will become more attractive and BTC will not left their marriage? 

Here comes the DeFi world that mostly born under the skirt of the most attractive wife ETH. Well DeFi and other coins were introduce in 2020 and had a massive rehabilitation of the economic world. Are they going to survive in the long run or they will become like a siblings that become poor after their teenager. Or the wonderful, more matured wife ETH 2.0 will become a great mother that will nurture them? Lets see how it goes.

But, here is the challenge. Other wonderful, marvelous wife (coins/tokens) are born, competing on the place of the queen, here comes the Polkadot. The most appealing (for me) and the top contender (for me) for the position of wife. Do you think the marriage will be under fire and end up divorce? Such a messy wife ETH will be if ever happens. 

But how this food was serve on them? Well, here comes the table of Publish0x, serving foods (articles) that nourish the crypto world. the crypto family. How? let me leave on to you to wonder.

At the end of the day, the picture depicts that holidays mostly celebrated for reunited, to have peace, and food to nourish the connections that even the worst scenario of having a mistress could end up with peace. Yet how about after? Just a meme after all. 

At the end, publish0x brings new users that becomes a great table for newbie to learn the game of financial freedom brought by the crypto currency.

PS: Polkadot is one of the project that I believe belongs to the 10% projects that will survive.

Happy holidays everyone.

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