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What is Chromia and how to farm the Alice token on Binance with CHR

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 1 Apr 2021

If you haven't heard about Chromia this last March, you should pay attention to this post. Chromia is an amazing platform for any self-respecting developer or programmer who wants to get involved in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Chromia offers Devs a portal where they can create highly complex applications and games in a matter of days and with incredible versatility and functionality. Within the blockchain we find hundreds and thousands of transactions every minute. Searching for one in particular would be chaos, however, with a tool capable of filtering databases, terms, numbers and implementing them in a simple and practical search engine, it could take seconds to find something.

Chromia is being implemented on many websites such as Hedget, the My Neighbor Alice game, Marketplaces among others to simplify the search processes and give it a greater variety of activity. For example, in the My Neighbor Alice game, we can buy land, manage it, sell it, build buildings within it, and connect with friends or neighbors. All this involves a lot of code writing, programming knowledge, graphic design ... A huge amount of work that you cannot do yourself in a short time. Chromia is offered as a solution to this problem for any app developer or creator to use its interface to create whatever they want and sell it to the public.

In mid-March, Binance enabled a farming pool for the Alice token. In this pool we can participate with BNB, BUSD and also with the CHR token. The Chromia token has reached a high this month of 0.64 cents on the dollar but could go much higher when it starts promoting. They already have a wallet, their own Vault and several jobs that support them, displayed on their official website.
They allow us to do staking from Metamask on your website with just two clicks and enjoy an APY of 25%.

In Binance I have dared to buy a handful of CHR tokens and put them in Alice's pool. The APY is 52.85% right now. A very safe and conservative investment that invites you to be unconcerned.

Visit the Binance Earn section, then check the Binance Pool tab, from here the Alice pool will appear. If you have CHR tokens you will be able to participate and get fractions of Alice every day.

Here is a tutorial in Spanish on how to do all this, live.

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