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Velodata secretly prepares an AIRDROP valued at more than $1,000

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 30 Mar 2024

Airdrops and cryptocurrency hunters will be delighted to receive this news. The Velodata platform is preparing an airdrop that it is currently keeping secret that could be valued at more than $1,000. I want to emphasize that it will be 1000 dollars per user.

If you remember the past Arkham airdrop, many lucky people were able to pocket $3,000 in tokens to their wallet. What's more, those who have held until now are probably reading me from the Maldives.

We are not sure that we will have the same luck with Velodata, although frankly, it is an opportunity that you should not miss just in case.

Velodata has not announced anything, the information is not official but there are some clues that invite us to think so. The first of them is that when someone registers with our affiliate link, they give us referral points. The second is that they are going to thank, they have not said how, all the users who dare to try the app and share their feedback. The latest is that some insiders close to the project, including influencers and analysts, talk about the Velodata app being able to distribute an airdrop in the coming months.

How to qualify for the Velodata Airdrop

Just in case, the smartest thing is to at least be registered on the page. I suggest you visit it from time to time and interact with it. If you can get new users through your referral link, much better.

The app launched its beta phase in the summer of 2023. In the middle of this month of March, Velo 1.0 was opened, so they are leaving the testing phase.

To get the airdrop or rather increase our chances of getting it, hypothetically, because it is not officially confirmed, we have to do the following:

Register and confirm the email.
Use the app frequently.
Invite referrals.
They may enable some additional tasks in the future in order to avoid bots and slackers.

Velodata has good relationships with Binance, Bybit and Okx exchange, so perhaps they will be early adopters of the future launch of the token.

Good luck!

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