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Theta Fuel - The power of Decentralized Streaming

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 9 Feb 2021

We are aware that the situation we are experiencing with the pandemic has restricted the free movement of people on the street, which has forced us to spend more time at home.

Because of this, many people seek entertainment online and streaming audiovisual content is an interesting option. The THETA network has noticed a very positive increase in its network in recent months and also its governance token that has jumped on the Altcoin train. Its price has soared more than 150% in the last month.

One of the most prominent and attractive platforms on the THETA network is Theta.TV
A fully decentralized streaming platform that compensates viewers and content creators. The network is supported by validators that stack the THETA token and share useful resources for it. The most important is the bandwidth for streaming videos.

In reference to this I wanted to tell you about TFuel. Theta Fuel is the platform's native token, not to be confused with the THETA token, which is the one that governs the entire blockchain. The two were created within the Ethereum network, constituting themselves as ERC20 tokens, however, they have recently migrated their protocol to the THETA blockchain to be independent.

Theta Fuel is the fuel of Theta.TV. and it serves to pay the gas of each transaction and reward content creators who stream within the web. Likewise, viewers can also earn TFuel for watching videos and supporting their favorite creators.

An incredible project and with the advancement of DeFi it will grow even more. If you are good at playing CS: GO, Dota 2, Valorant, Fortnite or you have knowledge about the blockchain world that you would like to share, go ahead and try Theta.TV and earn rewards every day. Right now almost no one knows her and it gives us a great advantage to participate.

To increase your earnings in TFuel, the ideal is to run a node from your PC or Smartphone, it works only on Windows. Thanks to this, you will share your bandwidth with the network and you will be rewarded for it.

This information could even be useful if you open a long position in the market. Both THETA and TFuel can be bought on Exchanges like Binance and are in an uptrend. Although no one knows if it will stay that way. What is clear is that if the platform gathers new users, the use of the native token will be incentivized and with it the strengths of the THETA blockchain.

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