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polkadot blockchain subsocial network

Subsocial Network - The biggest Social Network in Polkadot Blockchain

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 3 Mar 2021

The concept of Sofi or social finance will begin to break into the coming years thanks to the advancement of decentralized applications and the growth of Blockchain.

The Crypto world will give you that characteristic touch that we need, decentralization. No one can spy, nobody will sell our personal information, nobody will invade us with annoying announcements and we can also obtain and receive monetary rewarding when we use social networks.

Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok ... They are applications that stand out for being centralized. You do not control your data or your activity, they are those who take advantage of this to wear and generate hundreds of millions of dollars.

Subsocial Network I think it will be one of the most important and powerful DAPPS facing the future. All the good thing we have in Publish0x, Leofinance or Read.Cash, for example, will be embedded in this new platform that will work on the Blockchain of Polkadot.

Polkadot is not only aimed at becoming a value cryptomon, also to create and design hundreds of tools and projects within your ecosystem, this is what will boost your price and generate much more confidence. The Auction of the parachins has been spectacular in terms of demand, in a matter of minutes the possibility of entering what has forced us to join the waiting list was closed.

At the Polkadot parachions, the applications will allow us to use the Blockchain, organize our finance, surf the Internet, play video games, exchanging tokens, chat with friends or creating content in the form of video or text. There is much more to be mentioned.

Important points of Subsocial Network (I will leave at the end of this post a link with all these details narrated in depth)

  • Create your own blog, within this blog both you and your followers can add content, you will have the option to create your own community. If you want of course.
  • Each LIKE, comment or publication you make requires a digital signature with your browser polkadot wallet that will consume tokens. These tokens can request them via email and send you a link to your input tray so you can claim them.
  • Subscription, Upvote and Downvote service enabled in all posts and in the main section of your blog. Currently, they are in beta phase and subscriptions and tips are not available.
  • Future implementations to eliminate commissions for each transaction we make.
  • Databases will be registered via SQL but in a decentralized manner and the search for information will be using ElasticSearch.
  • It will maintain a good level of organic positioning and the option of activating the booster is in the air.
  • It will be synchronized with Moonbeam and Litentry in such a way that our identity will be hidden and intelligent contracts may be executed within the APP.

Subsocial Network probably supposes a revolution of social networks. It is still early to know, there is a lot of work ahead. Next, I suggest you take a look at your roadmap.


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