Pangolin V2 Has Arrived – Avalanche's Best DEX

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 12 Feb 2022

Many people may be wondering if the Pangolin decentralized exchange is the best in the entire Avalanche network. A blockchain that generated many doubts in its beginnings, due to the scarcity of pools and the lack of important partners, but that little by little has reached incredible numbers.

Over a year in the making, the Pangolin app is one of the most important in Avalanche and despite not having the same number of users as Traderjoe it is still the strongest.

Advantages of trading on Pangolin Exchange

One year has passed since the first version. It was released in February 2021. So far no bugs or security holes.

The highlight of Pangolin is the coverage they give Avax at all times. A coin that just over a year ago was an absolute shame. When it appeared in the bars of Coinmarketcup it was touching the 3 dollars and who would say that a year later it would manage to eat the 145 dollars price.

The governance token of the platform is the PNG. With this new version, its issuance will be reduced and investors will be granted more than 4 million dollars in rewards until March.

It will become largely deflationary with the pending burning of 57% of the tokens to be carried out. A snip to stop the sell-off in bear markets.

It has several stablecoin pools and to encourage Avax holding we could say that almost all pools have Avax as a pair.

In the staking tab we find as not the PNG with 36% APY.

Pangolin Exchange remains a very secure platform to put your Avax to work. The experience speaks for itself.

It is audited by Halborn, a private company that they contracted to carry out an exclusive audit of all contracts, reinforcing its security with this second version.

Of course, the integrity of the website is inherited from Uniswap. An analog of this that does not fail and is very attractive.

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