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Ethereum purchase soars on Paypal

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 31 Dec 2020

Paypal's initiative to enroll in the cryptocurrency market has provided an additional energy for the upward trend of the main cryptocurrencies. Thanks to this new addition, the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum has remained in the gap and has not allowed it to rebound downward.

Many Paypal users, seeing the panorama that plagues us, have decided to invest a large amount of their savings in Ethereum. Ethereum has experienced its best year and although it is far from the value it reached in 2017, it is still affordable for the vast majority of pockets.

It's no wonder that investors are inclined to transform their capital into crypto assets knowing that it can appreciate in a matter of days. The rise of Dapps and the Defi infrastructure that consolidates them have served for Ethereum to boast the best performance in 2020 compared to any other cryptocurrency.

Recurring purchases, the arrival of Uniswap, Paypal, the announcement of the vaccine and that Bitcoin beats historical records are leaving Ethereum on the podium. As soon as Paypal activates our private key to manage our cryptocurrencies in any business, we will contemplate what can be a relentless revolution that disbands fiat money in less time than expected.

Keep an eye on the data, between USD Coin, Binance USD, PAX, Tether, Dais and other stablecoins there are more than 17 billion dollars tokenized in Ethereum. The figure is huge and this further pronounces investment in Ethereum and its entire blockchain.

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