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Dubai Palm Token in Binance Smart Chain

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 27 Apr 2021

We return here again friends to continue bringing opportunities that allow us to passively generate income. Do not think that I have abandoned my task. I continue to seek and work every day to move my capital wisely so that it provides me with the much desired financial freedom.

As we well know, the Binance Smart Chain encompasses dozens of applications and decentralized exchanges with quite a few opportunities at our disposal. I want to talk about an incipient Dapp, practically similar to Pancakeswap with a very volatile token, it must be said, called Palm. The YieldBay Finance platform was born in March of this year, naturally, and is in the Top 50 of Defi applications of the Binance Smart Chain.

It has managed to attract the attention of many investors and its TVL is constantly increasing. It should be noted that the Palm token has experienced an abrupt decline, falling into a coma. A pity, although it managed to almost recover its price in a few weeks. It is currently below the dollar but with considerable growth potential.

On the YieldBay Finance exchange we have more than 400% APY for leaving Staking el Palm and Beefy, approximately 6000%.

Transactions in the BSC Scan continue to have a lot of movement and it must be recognized that these types of APYs are difficult to find. Pancakeswap, due to the price of the Cake and the projects it supports inside, offers less performance every day for Staking, one of the reasons why I no longer work on it.

I advise you to analyze the project well, even though you have an Audit done. These applications and tokens are usually unpredictable, the same thing they do for growing quickly and surprisingly as they can sink into the abyss and disappear.

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