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Do you know Catecoin? App to make Memecoins

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 3 Nov 2021

With the recent feat that we have seen in Shiba, many are the developers who want to try to attract investors to their projects. Catecoin seems to have established itself as a major Memecoin within social media and has seen a beastly rise.

Catecoin has been with us for many months, however, it is in these weeks that we have realized the noise it has made and the amount of money it has provided to its holders.

What the Catecoin platform offers

Not only does he have his CATE token, he has also designed an application so that anyone can create a Memecoin and give it visibility through the media. Most of these coins are used for speculation but Catecoin has not wanted to stay there only.

It has a limited supply, provides a 2% reward to all holders every time a Catecoins transaction is made on the blockchain. Likewise, it offers a staking service in its application, still in the Beta phase, where we obtain a 15% annual return.

Catecoin is still a very risky bet, it requires extensive knowledge to take advantage of the ups and downs it has, therefore, it is not recommended for inexperienced people.

We can buy it with BNB on the Pancakeswap Exchange.

Memecoins usually bring many joys and disappointments, whales have ears everywhere and they do not miss these opportunities.

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