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Dehero HEROES NFT Game - How much Money can you Earn?

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 14 Sep 2021

I wanted to bring you another interesting opportunity with which we can profit financially. It is Dehero, an NFT card game that runs within the Binance Smart Chain that will allow us to generate daily dividends in a totally passive way. Something very remarkable.

The Dehero application is available on both mobile and computer. It does not require installations of any kind, just link our Metamask or Trustwallet wallet and we will be connected to the game.

How to make money with Dehero NFT

The system that Dehero presents is very similar to that of many card games that we find within the blockchain. Leave them in Staking or use them to obtain profits within the game by interacting with the different activities that it offers us.

Dehero has the advantage that it does not consume us time, something very precious for busy people. I highly value this feature, because with the countless number of applications and platforms that we have at our disposal, I find it attractive to bet on businesses that automatically and passively generate money for me. Naturally, for these cases you always have to invest.

In Dehero there is no minimum or investment cap, you can start with a single card if you wish.

The governance token is called Heroes, which is trading around $ 2.55 right now. You already know that the price may vary when you read this.

We can acquire it through Pancakeswap and once in our portfolio we will use it to buy cards directly from the Marketplace or one of the chests that the game offers us. These chests randomly include a random card of random rarity as well.

To start producing money we have two options:

  • The first is to try to collect all the cards in the book, there are 78 in total. Each card in Dehero can include 6 different rarities, although the maximum I have seen is orange. The higher the rarity, the more power and the more tokens the card can generate. The more cards we have and of greater rarity, the APY will increase in value, being able to reach 1000%. Some cards can be combined with each other in the same slot to get a power bonus and get more profitability. By clicking on any of them, a legend will appear at the bottom if there is any combination available.
  • The second way is to participate in the single staking pools, depositing Cake or BUSD among others.
    Obviously, there is also the option to trade the cards in the Marketplace.

dehero nft

In the image above you can see the approximate earnings with a green and a blue rarity card. Some cards have a greater ability to generate Heroes and others with more power, which will serve to increase the APY.

I suggest that you review their documents to understand a little better how the cards work, basically it is about gathering the largest number of them so that our profit is considerably high.

How much money can you earn at Dehero

Without investment absolutely nothing.

With an approximate investment of 100 dollars, investing these 100 dollars in the lucky chests (8 Heroes of price each), which can drop a card of high rarity, we could win between 2 and 5 dollars a day. If the price of the token stays close to $ 2.50, we could earn about $ 90 per month.

In the worst case, 50 dollars, if when you open the chests you get gray cards, which are the least profitable.

An orange rarity card is capable of producing more than 10 gray cards and 3 green cards. It will depend on the power of them but in summary our long-term goal should be to try to complete the card book with all the available heroes. If possible green rarity up.

Perhaps the profit in Dehero is not very tempting but we have to remember that it is totally passive, it does not require our time. This is where we have to put the chickens, in applications of this type.

Finally, if you are short of liquidity and want to leave the project, you have the option of eliminating the cards and converting them into the Heroes token instantly, for a lower value than we would logically obtain in the market but it allows us to be independent from a third party to amortize the investment.

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