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Casinos or Faucets - Which one is better to win Cryptos?

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 28 Dec 2020

If there is something left over in the blockchain world, it is Faucets and cryptocurrency casinos. In all these platforms there is no other mission than to make a profit while risking as little as possible. Theoretically it is so.

When we talk about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or any other large-cap crypto, we only think of multiplying our capital by buying cryptocurrencies. What about those who do not have money to invest or buy?

For these cases, which are the vast majority, we have faucets and casinos at our disposal. In the former we lose a lot of time and in the latter a lot of money.

What strategy can be followed to get free cryptocurrencies without dying in the attempt?

If we do not want to enslave ourselves by clicking on thousands of ads or suffer a heart attack betting on roulette or dice the little capital we have, we should heed the following tips. Based on my own experience, more than 3 years using platforms of this type.

  • Work Faucets that give you a job bonus. This means that for each day that you connect and do the relevant tasks, you are rewarded with more cryptocurrencies. An award for your loyalty and perseverance. If the Faucet doesn't have this requirement, don't work it.
  • Don't work the Bitcoin faucets. They pay very little, less and less. This is because the price of BTC is increasing. Also, the withdrawal fees to your wallet are usually very high. They eat all your work. Always focus on accumulating small cryptocurrencies like Tron, Dogecoin, Turtlecoin, Cardano, EOS, Digibyte or Ravencoin for example.
  • Diversify your Faucets. The more the merrier but without going crazy. Calculate how much time you can invest in these Faucets, then calculate how long it takes to work them. No unnecessary loss of time. You need to know this to make the time profitable.
  • Take it seriously. Consistency is what will give you results in this case. I have seen cases of colleagues who have made over $ 300 a month doing Faucets alone. It's not luck, it's work. Every day they connect and work. It should be the same as a traditional job.
  • When you have $ 10 accumulated, register at a couple of casinos. The casino must have free luck roulette every 24 hours at least. Also the possibility of staking your bets. Let's say that every time you bet the page gives you tokens that will generate dividends daily.
  • Always bet small cryptocurrencies, the losses will be more bearable and you can better measure the risk.
  • Don't abuse the casino. The algorithms they have installed are designed so that in the long term our capital evaporates. Don't force the machine. A smart way is to play at most 20 minutes applying some conservative strategy in dice games (the most common).
  • Copy in your mind the most important phrase: The house always wins.

I recommend these platforms to start:


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