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Bitgo and Tron launches WETH and WBTC Tokens

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 11 Jan 2021

The tandem that Justin Sun and Bitgo have formed has served to successfully launch Wrapped Bitcoin and Wrapped Ether. 2 TRC20 tokens from the tron blockchain that bring a multitude of possibilities to users of decentralized applications.

The Tron network grows nonstop. It has set a trend in 2020 and differs from Ethereum in that its withdrawal fees are practically non-existent.

Bittorrent Managing Director Justin is very excited about the partnership between his company and Bitgo and has also shared his position on Twitter saying that this will mean a remarkable evolution in the world of Defi, both Justswap, Uniswap and the rest. .

Bitgo is one of the colossi of the network in reserve of digital assets. The most powerful and powerful investors like Nexo have a large part of their capital here. Serious news.

If you want to save commissions and gas, go to Tron.

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