Apron Network - Infrastructure Service Provider at Polkadot
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Apron Network - Infrastructure Service Provider at Polkadot

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 16 Mar 2021

One of the advantages of the Polkadot blockchain is that it will allow many applications and companies to integrate their projects and work within it to offer products and services to users who love the DeFi world.

The ultimate goal is to provide utility and increase the supply of DApps that meet the expectations of the public, which seeks security, trust and the possibility of making money.

Developers and programmers have infinite work with cryptocurrencies, I think it is one of the professions that has the most output today. To test their skills and expose their projects, they have available a platform that runs on one of Polkadot's Parachains called the Apron Network.

Right now in the Testnet phase, Apron comes out with many ideas in mind, the main one being to become one of the strongest and most consistent infrastructure providers in the DeFi world. Many developers and companies can use the Apron Network to create and design their Dapps.

A previous case that serves as an example could be Infura, which operates on the Ethereum network. The problem is that it has presented several drawbacks in terms of security and functionality.
Apron Network enables higher speed and lower costs for developers who will only incur maintenance fee payments when using their Dapps not during development or installation.

Apron Network, to avoid that many offer poor quality services, useless products or have intentions to steal or deceive people will be severely penalized. For the Dapp to work and be solvent, the owners must do staking of the Apron token, which will be released soon, which will serve to protect the system and maintain the protocol. If the above rules are not respected, they will lose all the tokens they have in possession.

The roadmap is deep and complex, I share it at the end of the post. Later, when it is officially operating, we will learn more about the Apron Network.

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