Aave - The token with the highest profit in 2020

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 31 Dec 2020

Aave has been the token that has experienced the most profit in this year 2020.
If we look back and look at Aave's behavior at the beginning of January, we can see that the dollar was hovering. A very small price to invest in it.

Aave did not attract much interest, however, the Defi revolution this year and instant microloans have generated a consistent rise.

If in December 2018 it was at 48 dollars, right now it exceeds 100. If we had invested 100 dollars in Aave at the beginning of January 2020, right now we would have a capital of 5000 dollars. A mind-blowing profit.

It surpasses the rest of tokens such as BAND, Ocean or Kusama, which, like Aave, have grown a lot. Aave takes center stage and it is likely that in 2021, if Ethereum 2.0 arrives and the Defi evolve reducing costs and gas, it will get another strong increase and put aside the parable in its characteristic graph.

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