Crypto - Partnerships vs. "Partnerships"
Crypto - Partnerships vs. "Partnerships"

Hi Everyone,

It's a well known fact that the term 'Partnership' is banded around the Cryptosphere in some cases wrongly or without any validation. I wanted to list out several of my interpretations of the term to hopefully give you guys something to think about next time you see that GROUND BREAKING partnership announcement.

  • Two companies sign a partnership agreement to directly build together = Partnership
  • A client signs a licence agreement to use a businesses services/products = Partnership
  • A business signs an agreement to allow a third party company sell/promote their service/products = This wouldn't always be classed as a partnership, more often than not this is a company participating in a marketing program however, the lines blur and therefore research should be done before coming to conclusions.

Obviously the three bullets above are only headlines and realistically business partnership and agreements take many forms and are quite often extremely technical.

The third bullet point is one that I have seen on occasion get ridiculed when actually could well turn out to be an extremely advantageous and fruitful move for a business. For example take the recent Hydrogen ( and MasterCard partnership, Hydrogen were carefully selected to be one of seven companies to participate in MasterCard's Start Path initiative ( I use the term partnership loosely here however, this partnership is aimed to not only give MasterCard access to Hydrogen's services yet also jointly promote the services/products to MasterCard's network. These "partnerships" excite me the most because of their network effect.

As I am an avid $Hydro supporter I want to take this opportunity to say, are we going to see huge adoption of the $Hydro token thanks to what Hydrogen are building?, only time will tell but that is most definitely something i'll be keeping a close eye on, as should you ;-).



Thank you for reading!


DISCLAIMER: Nothing written should be taken as investment advice, these are my own views and thoughts. 


Family man, COO & lead strategist for leading digital retail agency in the UK. Enjoy deep diving the Crypto/Blockchain space.

Making the right decisions in Crypto
Making the right decisions in Crypto

Nothing quite beats getting your hands dirty but don’t be closed to learning along the way.

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