Buy at least 1 Bitcoin Now Before Its Too Late!

Bitcoin (BTC) is yet to go on its next major bull run. It is considered the 'gold' of crypto! It was first on the scene! I suggest people get at least 1 Bitcoin now! And lock it away!!! :) I would like all of us reading this post to get rich!

BTC has had a few attempts to move higher at $14k and $11k (as per chart below) but that was just the warm up!

Increasing BIG Money Backing

Institutional funding is coming into the top cryptos. Remember liquidity is key to big prices and not losing your shirt like many small cryptos (even if they have great tech and potential)! This is not happening in a sudden way but slowly and increasing. All global BIG money players now have access to crypto through the NYSE and BAKKT platform. You can follow BAKKT daily results and weekly chart volume here.

Bitcoin Price History


Source: Coingecko.

Blockchain Reward Halving for Bitcoin Miners.

The Bitcoin halving is major event. And is expected in 14 days (at the time of writing) - 12 May 2020. The block reward will half from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC per block (every 10 minutes)! Thats a big deal. Less for the miners to dump!

From 2020 there are way less blocks rewards produced by the blockchain (see the gap closing at the top of the chart below showing BTC supply)! Takeaway > Get at least 1 Bitcoin!!!

Bitcoin Emissions and Total Bitcoins (excluding losses) until 2140

BTC Emission

You can follow the countdown clock here.

Not Many Bitcoins! Maybe effectively 17 million or less!

And as you can see from the chart above showing BTC supply emission over time, the last bitcoin gets mined in 2140! There will only ever be 21 million (and about 4 million is considered lost). Making it about 17 million! Thats not many! And big money is now chasing it!

It's getting exciting!!! Suggest you don't miss out!



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