By Qam2112 | Making money online | 23 Jun 2019


This is the best platform I have been in for the past year 

It is a automated trading bot that gives you profit twice a month.

At it's best it was giving me around 8% a month so I have already doubled my coins

The coins have fallen in price so have not made double the investment but close to it 

They have another bot which you can link to your binance account and set it to auto trade for you.

As well as arbitrage bot there on wallets and lots more in the pipeline

You have to Kyc and the guys behind it are visible and transparent which gives me confidence in the project

Min investment is $25 and can be set to reinvest so you are compounding which is what I have done will have a look at it in a year's time and see where it's at

I have been in all the platforms that launched at the same time and they have all disappeared but I was pumped on this one and so far so good


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