Tap-To-Earn Notcoin is Getting Listed in 3 Days!

By MakeItReal | MakeItReal | 29 Mar 2024

Hello HODLers!

I hope you already started this free airdrop because it could be the opportunity of your life, if not, start farming it now, you only have 3 days left to earn your Notcoin!

Here's the link to join Notcoin airdrop: 

Notcoin is going to be the main memecoin in TON (Telegram Open Network) ecosystem, with a community that counts more than 33 Milions members.

Guys, I told you, this is going to be huge. And you farmed this memecoin completely for free. We the winners.


What is Notcoin?

Notcoin is the fastest growing Telegram game where you get Notcoin by clicking on a coin. Players can join squads (Telegram channels and chats), invite friends, complete tasks, and climb the leaderboards.

How to mine Notcoin?

Literally, just tap your phone's screen.

How could I mine a lot of Notcoin?

Pump up your mining with Boosts:

  • 🔋 Energy Limit — increases your maximum energy capacity;
  • ⚡️ Speed Booster — increases energy recovery rate;
  • 👆 Multitap — increases coin mining in a single tap;
  • 🤖 Auto-tap bot — mines coins while you're doing other things or sleeping.


🚀 A rocket will occasionally appear during the game (turbo mode).

Hit the rocket, it's one of the main ways to beat the leaderboard. It multiplies the number of coins you get for each tap and does not waste energy.

On top of that, there are free bonuses available to you every single day:

  • 🚀 Rockets — launches a rocket
  • Full energy — refills energy
  • 💰 Free coins — gives free coins

Log in once a day to collect free bonuses, otherwise they'll burn up the next day.

How to earn Notcoin?

There are several other ways to earn Notcoin besides mining.

  • 🤝 Invite frens — invite friends and get (big) bonuses for them
  • ⭐ Onboarding — basic tasks to immerse in the game
  • 🏆 Leagues — when your friends move up in the leagues, you'll get bonuses
  • ✨ Specials — special rewards for exploring Web3 projects
  • 🌐 Web3 world — become familiar with Web3 applications. They would be useful in the future


Leagues and leaderboardd

Leagues and leaderboards show the most active Notcoin miners

Each league has a points threshold after which miners move up

There are five leagues in total:

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond

More taps = higher position.


What is a Squad?

Squad are group/team of players and communities in the game 🤝

Any public channel/chat on Telegram can be a squad

Squads compete against each other. They also have an internal leaderboard

For every Notcoin mined, you will receive 1 point to the squad you are a member of. Points are not transferable from squad to squad

You can invite the whole community to the squad and all new players will become your referrals. Bonuses work the same way as when you invite a fren


How do I create a squad or join a squad?

Squads are public channels and chats in Telegram that are created automatically.

To join a squad, you have to:

  1. Go to the bot via the direct link
  2. Send a link to the channel or chat you want to join

Another option:

  1. In the game, tap on the Join Squad button at the top of the screen
  2. A list of squads will appear, you can choose one or tap on Join another squad
  3. Tapping on “Join another squad” will take you to a text bot where you will need to send a link to a public channel or chat
  4. Join the squad and open the game

You can also join a squad from the leaderboard. Just click on a squad, its page will open and there will be a Join button.


How do you get a huuuuge amount of Notcoins?

Invite more friends.

On the home screen under the coin, click “Frens”, then the “Invite a fren” button, choose who to send a Telegram invite to, or copy the invite link and poke around on your social networks.

  • User without Telegram Premium: you both get a bonus of 2,500 Notcoin.
  • User with Telegram Premium: both get 50,000 Notcoin each.
  • Every time your friends move to the next league, you get extra bonuses.

Level up Regular Premium Silver +12,500 +125,000 Gold +25,000 +250,000 Platinum +50,000 +500,000 Diamond +100,000 +1,000,000


Here's the link to join Notcoin airdrop: 

What's next

No one knows. And that's the beauty.

Play | Channel | Chat | X

Here's the link to join Notcoin airdrop: 


And finally... 7 FREE AIRDROP for my followers. Because this community is going to Make_It_Real. All together.

1. GRASS Airdrop:


Grass allows you to earn 💸 by exploiting unused internet bandwidth 💻, with benefits for AI 🤖 and security 🔒 for users.

Steps for the Airdrop:

1. Create an account here: 

2. Download the Grass extension here: 

3. Leave it running in the background. You will start earning Grass points instantly and it does not affect internet speed.



2. MON PROTOCOL Airdrop:


Earn $MON Airdrop Points by completing Missions! Insert my referral code to earn 200 extra points: Angelo95Cigna

Steps to receive the airdrop:

1. Go to the link: and connect your Twitter account.

2. Insert my referral code to earn 200 extra points: Angelo95Cigna

3. Complete missions and spin the wheel daily to collect Mission Points.

3. You will also be given a unique referral code to onboard your friends for additional Mission Points. You can redeem the accumulated Mission Points for $MON at a future date.


3. NOTCOIN Airdrop:


What is NOTcoin?

Notcoin is a meme coin built on TON (Telegram Open Network). The project has a big community of 23+ Millions users on Telegram and the token is going to be listed soon... In the meanwhile you have the opportunity to receive some free Notcoin playing the game before it get listed!

How to Mine NOTcoin:

1. Join the Notcoin bot here and click start: 

2. Start Mining:

It’s time to blast off! Click the “Mine” button and tap the rocket that appears on the screen as many times as you can. Every tap earns you Notcoin!

Notcoin airdrop has been confirmed, so let's tap as much as we can!



4. Xion Airdrop:

XION is the first modular Generalized Abstraction layer, purpose built for consumer adoption by enabling seamless user experiences for everyday users. Xion raised over $11M from industry leading investors including Animoca Brands, Circle Ventures, Multicoin, Valor, Hashkey, Spartan, Mechanism, Figment, Stateless Ventures, Coinlist Seed, Injective, Alliance DAO, Sandeep Nailwal (Polygon), and more.

Sign up and enjoy your airdrop here: 




5. Bitcraft airdrop:

BitCraft is a planned Survival Crafting MMORPG #Play2Earn set in a randomly generated sandbox environment with a robust skill system with an emphasis on crafting, economy, cultivation, and city development.

Join Alpha Access Event here: 



6. Param airdrop

Param is a Web3 gaming ecosystem supported by Animoca Brands that is not listed yet, but you can earn points that will be converted in crypto when the token will be listed.

Here's the link for the airdrop: 



7. Torum – The #SocialFi ecosystem for crypto enthusiasts where you can earn everyday!

Torum is the world’s largest Web3-driven SocialFi ecosystem that is specially designed to connect cryptocurrency users.
The Web3.0 ecosystem is built on a social media platform, integrated with a yield farming platform for DeFi investors (Torum Finance), an NFT marketplace for crypto artists and Avatar NFT for Metaverse enthusiasts.
You can earn XTM daily on Torum Social Network completing missions like "write a post", "like 5 posts", "daily login", "interact with the platform for 7 days straight", "accumulate 50 followers" and many others!
XTM is the utility token of Torum ecosystem and it's now listed on exchanges like Kucoin, Huobi, Uniswap and Pancakeswap.

✅#SocialFi Metaverse Pioneer;
✅Backed by Huobi Ventures & Kucoin Labs;
✅Big community of more than 240,000 users;
✅Earn XTM everyday claiming Missions in the Social Network;
✅Sign up with my referral link and complete the verification to earn 12,5 XTM airdrop:

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