Institutional Investors Consider Ethereum A Store Of Value

By MakeItReal | MakeItReal | 27 Jan 2021

Hello HODLers,

Did you read the Coinbase's annual review for 2020? The exchange report identified the two main reasons that are driving Ethereum's increase in value: its ability to be a store of value and its ability to power transactions on its network. If Ethereum becomes store of value as it's happening with Bitcoin, this phenomenon could have huge long-term implications for Ethereum price.

During this bull run Ethereum reached its All Time High and then retraced. There is still some resistance in the $ 400 area, but many blockchain experts think that if the resistance is broken, the price could skyrocket further in this bull run. Obviously, no one is sure so do your own researches, I never give financial advises. 

I share with you the link of Coinbase's annual review for 2020 if you want to learn more and learn more details: 


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