Earn SWEAT by Walking before It Gets Listed!

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The crypto market is red right now and some analysts start talking about bear market as we are in a delicate moment due to very high inflation and a crazy war.
My experience in the crypto field teaches me that moments of uncertainty like these can nevertheless be opportunities to buy the dip (this is no financial advise) or to accumulate free crypto with projects that reward the community, as I have done many times in the past with projects such as Torum, Publish0x, Lunar Crush, Fractal Protocol and many others.
Yes, one of the best things about the crypto world is that many projects in the early stages reward the early adopters by paying them with their own token, without the need to invest money, in order to advertise and build the community.

How to Earn Sweatcoin
I would like to introduce you my Sweatcoin strategy, and how I intend to earn money without spending a single dollar, just by walking.
Sweatcoin is a pedometer app that aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle by allowing users to monetize by doing physical activity like walking or running.

Why did I choose to earn Sweatcoin instead of other Move To Earn projects, like STEPN?
I have decided to accumulate the token right now because the token still has to get listed. The listing will take place this summer 2022 and I can confirm from personal experience that this type of pre-listing accumulation, if the project is valid, can be a huge success! If you follow me, you know for example how much I earned with Torum by accumulating the XTM token for free before the listing...
But it's not the only reason why I choose Sweatcoin, the second one is because Sweatcoin rewards its users for walking without the need to buy expensive NFTs.
I also like the fact that the app works smoothly, with no-bugs, very nice user interface and Sweatcoin already has its own marketplace with many products, Android and IOS apps are working fine, millions of active users!
So basically, all the tokens that we accumulate now, will become crypto this summer, and in particular they will become SWEAT, the token of the Sweatcoin ecosystem.
The app also works in the background, so you don't need to leave it open to make money, the steps are automatically converted to Sweatcoins and the Sweatcoins will become SWEAT tokens during summer 2022!
The app also allows you to earn by watching advertisements and inviting friends.

I think it is a project to be explored since it allows you to earn crypto 100% for free and the token is not listed yet!
If you found this article useful, you can thank me using my referral link to download the app and sign up: https://sweatco.in/i/angelo95

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