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Hello HODLers!

Remember the news from Solana that was supposed to be revealed yesterday?

Finally, SMS stands for Solana Mobile Stack, a layer developed on Android able to allow the development of native mobile DApps.

Soon Saga will be released, the first smartphone that will integrate these features, as well as a seed vault in the hardware, native Android SolanaPay, a DApp store and much more.

The goal is to make the web3 experience fully optimized for use with the smartphone, so much so that they also announce the release of a SolanaMobile branded mobile device (pre-orderable for 100 USDC) at the same time. Saga (the smartphone model) will be officially distributed by the first quarter of 2023, while at the moment it is already pre-orderable.

Here is the official tweet:

While in the blog post, Solana announces SMS as follows:

“It's time for cryptocurrency to go mobile. It's time for the secure, biometric-integrated custody solutions we've always dreamed of and somehow didn't materialize in the roadmaps of the mobile giants. It is time for an app store governed by users and developers, with no restrictions on tokens or NFTs, which allows for web3-native distribution models that could never be possible on the App Store and Google Play. These features have been technically possible for some time, so there is no reason to wait."

Basically, Solana Mobile Stack is a toolkit for building seamless Web3 mobile experiences, coming first to Saga, Solana Mobile's flagship device.

But SMS isn't just that, Solana Mobile Stack is also an open-source encryption layer built on Android that includes:

- Seed Vault integrated into secure hardware.
- Easy, platform-wide transaction signing
- SolanaPay for Android
- Decentralized Application Store (dApps)

Despite the problems Solana is facing at a structural level (the blockchain crashes every now and then and has to be often restarted), this SMS update is a fundamental step for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, given that it allows the development of Dapps for smartphones and will open the way for the crypto sector to enter the mobile market!

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