XLM My Opinion. What About You?

XLM My Opinion. What About You?

By Rutkowski | Make money online fast | 10 Nov 2020

XLM How Does It Look?

As of the time of writing this article XLM Stellar Lumens is currently rated at #17 by CoinGecko.com with a Market Cap of $1,679,030,181 almost 1.7 billion Market Cap. 24 Hour Trading Volume $138,927,446 at a current cost of $0.080097 USD.

CoinMarketCap.com currently rated #17 with a market cap of $1,676,939,311 USD
and a 24 hour trading volume of $151,774,094 USD at a current price of $0.080170 USD 

CoinBase.com (My Favorite) currently rate #7 most held crypto on CoinBase with an average hold time of 33 days. CoinBase has the Market Cap at $1.7 Billion and a 24 Hour Trading Volume of 151.7 Million at a price of $0.0805 USD


Price Predictions For XLM Stellar Lumens

A rather large consensus is that XLM will reach $1.00 easily and expected to reach around $5.00 in the long term. When I had originally heard of XLM I was told by a decent friend at the time who had first researched into Stellar whom said that XLM was really an undervalued crypto currency that was originally projected to be worth $0.01

Stellar hit an all time high January 2018 at .93 falling down to $0.08 and fluctuating between $0.03 and $0.13 I have a hard time seeing a future at anywhere close to a dollar within the next 4 years.

I think we would have to see some thing major to see the prices of XLM at or around $5.00 I know that nothing is impossible in the world of crypto. We have seen Crypto at prices above $40,000.00 and yet we still have people who say it is impossible for Bitcoin to hit $30,000.00

I just can't see it happening with XLM any time soon. Maybe in 10 years we could see some better returns if the Market continues to grow at the same rates as it has been going for so long. I just think XLM is basically an underdog in the Market they wish to be highly competitive in.

The biggest amount of publicity I have seen in regards to XLM is the AirDrops from XLM. I think the AirDrop was the reason for the major spikes in the prices of XLM that we seen a couple years back. I think for the most part we all know how an AirDrop will shortly manipulate the prices of crypto.


  XLM Stellar Lumens, What is it?

XLM reminds me of the vision behind XRP in that they want to make the transition from your local currency to crypto cheaper. XLM is designed to be cost effective in that sense. Bitcoin and ETH lack the quality for retail use for a lot of users due to the cost and confirmation times involved in sending Bitcoin and ETH. BCH a fork away from Bitcoin was designed with transaction time and cost considered.

Like Bitcoin and Ethereum combined XLM Stellar also runs on a blockchain of it's own. Stellar claims to handle millions of transactions per day. XLM claims they are just like cash, faster, cheaper and more energy-efficient. They also say that XLM is owned by the public since relies on the public to transact just like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Stellar claims that since their launch in 2015 and that they Stellar has processed over 450 million operations made by over 4 million accounts. They depend mostly upon large to small companies whom want to move around and have easy access to new markets.

Stellar's mission is to be cryptocurrency-adjacent. They have designed their software to enhance not to undermine or replace the current fiat system. XLM was designed for trading any kind of money in a transparent but efficient way.

I personally understand the need to work hand in hand with the current fiat system but to have the view they are going to enhance the current fiat system in a manner that won't lead to the inevitable replacement of the current financial infrastructure. The low rates are an attraction for a lot of investors looking to invest in different markets at the lowest cost possible which is where they claim to be better than the rest.

Stellar basically runs the same way Bitcoin does, using a unique algorithm they designed called The Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) with Bitcoins Proof Of Work method. They claim their method to be better due to easy configuration, fast and highly energy efficient. For more information about the SCP you can read it here.


My Final Thoughts

I really find it hard to believe that the value of XLM will ever be more than a dollar. That is still a pretty major price difference than what we currently see right now. You can make money from Stellar buying low and selling high.

I could always be wrong and we could see the price of stellar reaching over $5. Coinswitch.co estimates the price of XLM to be at 1.00 in 2025 with XLM reaching $1.14 by the end of 2025. I could see that prediction being reasonable especially with the market movements lately.

The fact more institutions are coming out in support of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. XLM has been around over 5 years now and I don't see them going anywhere any time soon. I still feel the need to drop money into XLM every so often.

I have made small amounts off of XLM buying in low and selling at higher prices. I know that is possible. I have also received about $150 in Stellar absolutely free due to all the airdrops taking place a couple years ago. I think CoinBase may still be giving away XLM Stellar.

I know they still have it listed here so if you haven't already done so you may want to check them out.

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