The World & Crypto #4

The World & Crypto #4

By Rutkowski | Make money online fast | 15 Jan 2021

World News



Elon Musk bumped to 2nd Richest Person in The World

Elon Musk

While this morning Elon Musk was the Richest Man in the World his fortune fell by nearly 8% along with most investment markets in the World. Tesla's Billionaire Elon Musk's fortune fell by $14,000,000,000.00 USD today making him the 2nd wealthiest person in the world.

While we all know how fidgety the Stock Market can be, Elon Musk will most likely re claim the title on Tuesday January 12, 2021. Musk is still worth $176,200,000,000.00 USD $176.2 Billion USD Jeff Bezos the Founder of Amazon took the Worlds Wealthiest Title with just $182.1 Billion, just $6 Billion more than Musk.

Jeff Bezos' Richest Man in the World on Monday January 11, 2021

While Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos battle for the Title of The Richest Person in the World I can't help but to wonder if either one of them even have the time to care about being awarded the title?


Beny Steinmetz: Mining Tycoon in Swiss Trial over Guinea Deal

Beny Steinmetz

French-Israeli Billionaire Beny Steinmetz in court in Switzerland over corruption allegations that allege Steinmetz's company BSGR paid multi-million dollar bribes in order to obtain it's mining exploration permits in southern Guinea back in 2008

Steinmetz traveled from Israeli to Switzerland in order to attend the two week trial, if convicted Steinmetz could face up to 10 years in prison. Steinmetz is in Switzerland courts facing 10 years after just being convicted of money laundering charges in Romania.

Steinmetz is being represented by Marc Bonnant whom said, "we will plead his innocence". Steinmetz secured the mining rights in exchange for an investment of $160 Million, he then sold half the rights to a mining company, Vale, just a year and a half later for a 'Jackpot' deal of $2.5 Billion.

It is alleged that Steinmetz's company used the assistance of Guinea's ex-president's wife in order to deliver the bribes. Guinea's government stripped the mining rights from BSGR citing the evidence of corruption which the company still denies.

1,075 Years in Prison for Sex Crimes

Turkish televangelist sentenced to 1,075 years for sex crimes

Turkish court sentences Adnan Oktar whom was detained in 2018 along with more than 200 suspects in his group. Oktar will serve 1,075 years in prison for sex crimes, known as life in prison in the United States. Oktar preached Creationism and Conservative values while half dressed women danced around him to music in a tv studio.

64 year-old Adnan Oktar was arrested by Istanbul Police in 2018 along with more than 200 other suspects as part of a crackdown on his group by a Financial Crimes Unit. Oktar was sentence to 1,075 years for crimes including sexual assault, sexual abuse of minors, fraud and attempted political and military espionage.

Turkish court also sentenced Tarkan Yavas to 211 years and Oktar Babuna to 186 years, the two executives of Oktar's organization. Anadolu, a New Agency reported that Oktar was additionally found guilty of aiding an US-based Muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen.

Turkey blames Gulen for staging a failed coup attempt in 2016, Oktar denies any ties to Gulen and claimed that the allegation he led a sex cult an "urban myth". Oktar is not new to being in the public spot light for crimes of the sexual nature. In the 1990's Oktar was involved in multiple sex scandals.

Oktar's online television channel A9 started airing back in 2011, drawing denunciation from Turkey's religious leaders. A9 was often fined by Turkey's media watchdog RTUK. A9 was seized by the state and shut down in the wake of the police crackdown on Oktar's group.

Turkish authorities reportedly demolished Oktar's villa that he used for his TV studio on the Asian side of Istanbul and they confiscated all of his property in 2018. Oktar wrote a book called "The Atlas of Creation", a 770 page book that rejects the Darwinian theory of evolution under the alias Harun Yahya.

6 Gorilla Rangers Dead, Several Wounded

Six Gorilla Rangers killed at DR Congo's Virunga National Park

In the remote region of Nyamitwitwi in the middle of Virunga National Park a group of armed man killed at least six and wounded several others in an ambush in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo's Virunga National Park, a sanctuary for endangered Mountain Gorillas.

Virunga National Park sit on the forest-covered volcanoes of central Africa and houses over half the global population of Mountain Gorillas, Africa's oldest National Park and largest Rainforest reserve, covering just over 3,000 sq miles.

Over 200 Rangers of lost their lives in the past, the deadliest attack being in April of 2012 that killed 12 Rangers. The area is surrounded by dozens of armed groups that operate in eastern Congo. Many of which are the remnants of militias from civil wars that resulted in millions of deaths from conflict, hunger and disease.

United Stated Capitol Riot Arrest Made

Jacob Anthony Chansley is alleged to be the man seen is this photograph, a true American Patriot!

Jacob Anthony Chansley A.K.A. Jake Angeli, is in custody on charges of violent entry and disorderly conduct. Chansley refers to himself as the QAnon Shaman told a reporter that claims of Antifa are false that himself and other Patriots were solely to blame for what occurred on Wednesday January 6, 2021 While their is still wide spread evidence of Antifa arriving in buses just as they did during BLM protest over the summer of 2020.

While Chansley isn't they only first person to be arrested, he won't be the last person either. I personally want to state that I am against worthless violence, I do believe that some situations call for it, just not this situation. To be honest, elected officials used this episode of American Stupidity in order to trample all over the constitution. The sad part is no one even cares about it. They are all stuck right where the Media wants them.

Adam Johnson of Florida, a true American Patriot is being held for theft of government property and violent entry as well. Johnson can be seen below carrying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Lectern from the House of Representatives Chamber with a smile on his face as he waves to the camera. This man doesn't appear to be a Trump supporter or a radical. This man seems to be a guy thought to himself, hey, that would like nice in my living room.

Adam Johnson seen carrying House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi's Lectern. Johnson was arrested for Theft of Government Property and Violent Entry.

Did the Government recover the lectern? If not, I wonder how long before it is listed on Ebay and how much it'll net? Chansley and Johnson are amongst more than a dozen people whom have been arrested following the raid of the Capital.

West Virginia Lawmaker Derrick Evans was also arrested after allegedly posting a video of himself outside the Capitol building and than filmed himself walking inside. Evans ' was arrested on Friday and accused of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol Grounds.

Derrick Evans Lawmaker West Virginia pictured on the left being sworn in. allegedly seen pictured on the right in a video recording himself outside of the Capitol Building before walking inside. Evans' was arrested Friday for Disorderly Conduct on Capitol Grounds as well as violent entry.

Amongst those arrested was also a Man from Alabama whom allegedly had 11 Molotov Cocktails, the man was arrested near the civil unrest. We can expect to see further arrest to come within the near future as the US Attorney General has vowed to hunt down every last violent protester and prosecute them or should I say silence them.





President Donald J. Trump

Yet another day where News Media focuses on the Failed Impeachment efforts of Nancy Pelosi whom is so desperately attempting to Impeach President Donald J. Trump from office during his last 8 days as President. Nancy Pelosi would love for the American people to believe that this is all because of what happened on that dreadful Wednesday January 6, 2021.

While the incident that occurred was very tragic in the aspect that 5 people lost their lives that day and amongst them, one was a Police Officer, these occurrences were not the result of President Donald J. Trump asking the crowd to do any harm to anyone. President Trump did not encourage violence, President Trump did imply he would continue the fight against corrupt political figures such as Nancy Pelosi.

Some individuals amongst the Trump Supporters had ill intent and acted upon it. Those individual shouldn't be allowed to label an entire group as a whole. The constitution of the United States protected freedom of speech, while we don't have to agree with the protesters, they have a right to be heard and not labeled by the actions of the few by the news media using their political agenda in order to drive their narrative that hate the President.

Nancy Pelosi just wants to ensure that President Trump will be unable to run for re-election in the 2024 Presidential Election. At this point in time anything from Marshall Law to a full blown US-Civil-War is possible. When a country is divided amongst itself, it is bound to end in bloodshed unless both sides can find common ground.




Bitcoins price has went from an All Time High of $41,986.37 on January 8, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. dropping down to a low of $31,386.17 back up to $35,454.02 That is nearly a 25% drop at $10,600.20 bouncing back just $4,068.15 within 14 hours. Speculators have been buzzing all day long about the root underlying causes of the so-called sudden drop, many say that this is a healthy price-correction that will ultimately reaffirm the $30K support and we could see some major price increases in the near future.

Bitcoin Cash BCH

Currently making a recovery BCH was at $654.00 earlier this week before falling back down to $410.00 for a total loss of $234.00 with a recovery of $84.00 putting BCH at $494.00 at this moment. Bitcoin Cash being a hard fork of Bitcoin itself seem to always follow in the footsteps of it's predecessor.


XRP is up to .3052 working its way towards .31 as people speculate that XRP could see a major run in the near future despite all of the XRP bans that have been taking place due to the sec law suit, which most are hopefully that we will receive clarity that will send the market booming. I will most likely be transferring my small amount of XRP some where to earn interest while this whole thing works itself out.


Thanks for reading, God Bless You, Stay Healthy!


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