HOT Holochain Token

By Rutkowski | Make money online fast | 5 Nov 2020

HOT Holo Token

HOT Token? Have you heard about them? What they are currently doing and the projected growth of the price of HOT estimated to be valued at $248.00 a token within the next 4 years! I found out about HOT around a year ago.

Pretty much the same time I started using UNI-Swap before the gas prices and fees got too out of control to make the services viable any longer. Anyways. I purchased around 7,000.00 HOT before I really knew too much about HOT Holochain token.

I figured at the time for the price of a dollar plus some gas money why not try some random investments and see what actually pays off in the future. A few months into holding my HOT I learned about BiTrue.

BiTrue allows me to hold my HOT and earn interest at rate of 1.09 per day and growing. I now own about 7,597.9 HOT Holochain Tokens. They are currently valued at $0.00044 per token. Like I said some market research predicts the price within 4 years to be valued at $248.00.

I may wind up losing $2.00 or making $1,884,056.00 which wouldn't be a bad return for an original investment of just $2.00 To be perfectly honest I didn't know anything about the token at the time of purchase and I just recently discovered I had the token in a wallet sitting their.

So, I started to wonder to myself...


What Actually is HOT Holochain?

We are going to learn about HOT Holochain systems together or you can simply check out their site on your own and read until your heart is content. HOT Holochain. I will do my best to translate their mission into the simplest terms that anyone should be able understand.

Then I will give my honest non biased opinion about HOT Holochain and whether or not I believe the market analyst that predicts $248.00 within the next 4 years. So, without further a due lets jump right into it...


HOT Holochain White Paper?


A More Human Internet

""Each of us wants to have control over how and with whom we interact. In order to evolve and thrive, our communities must support everyone's uniqueness. Yet today, our online relationships are dominated by centralized corporate web sites.

Holochain enables a distributed web with user autonomy built directly into its architecture and protocols. Data is about remembering our lived and shared experiences. Distributing the storage and processing of that data can change how we coordinate and interact. With digital integration under user control, Holochain liberates our online lives from corporate control over our choices and information."


Holochain helps people:

  • Own their own data

  • Control their identity

  • Connect applications to suit their needs

  • Transact without centralized systems

  • Build lighter, faster, cheaper applications


Holochain apps help:

  • Governance & Collaboration

  • Social Media, Social Networks, & Vendor Links

  • Sharing Economy & Platform Co-ops Apps

  • Supply Chain Wins & Social Communities

We're not just a magic idea whitepaper. You can build cutting edge distributed apps in JavaScript or Lisp on our platform right now! Your apps will have access to core services like: a customize-able UI, the Holochain DPKI app that manages keys and identities across holochain applications, the Holo platform for serving crypto apps to normal web browsers, API bridges between crypto apps, and the capacity to migrate data when updating distributed apps.

To develop Holochain applications you need to know about:

  • getting Holochain installed

  • how to use the command line tools

  • how to configure your application by creating a "DNA" file

  • how to write your application code in JavaScript or Lisp

  • how to think through building a distributed application

  • how to build a user interface for your app

  • how to test your application code


Holographic storage for distributed applications

Holochain applications (hApps) are held entirely by people. No trusted third parties. No central points of failure. They enable direct architectural consent and cryptographic communication that are low risk, for less cost.

Each agent owns an immutable hash chain and stores public data as a monotonic DHT node. Think lightweight, secure decentralized computing possible on mobile devices!


Low-cost, lightweight, secure

Every application runs its own holochain on its own terms, with cheaper hosting overhead. Since users are hosts, as more agents use an app, more hosting power and storage becomes available. The load gets lighter!

Each agent's source chain holds the app's “DNA”—the code that runs the app. Its peer validation requirements ensure secure apps. That data cannot be counterfeited, tampered with, or lost. Each app stores its data in a validating DHT creating redundancy of public data across randomized nodes. When nodes go offline, the DHT is self-healing and re-balances the data to different nodes. And if someone alters their own app code they effectively fork themselves out of the shared DHT space into an entirely different application.""



The above QUOTED Text is from Holochain themselves. I Quoted them from this source This article is also not investment advise. I am not a financial advisor nor do I give advice for financial purposes. I recommend you do your own diligence in researching before you invest in any type of investment.

You should be aware that with any investment you make you are subject to risk. You should not at any time invest monies that you can not afford to lose as you take risk when you invest any money.


My Definition of HOT Holochain

To make is simpler. HOT is basically a scalable blockchain solution to programming Happs on the blockchain with new innovations in order to make apps even more secure. The process they use to make apps more secure is pretty unique.

They have their blockchain setup to where if I tried to reprogram an app that you made I would wind on a FORK of your app. So, instead of stealing the app I wind up in a new space from the original app. That way it is impossible to alter the original code with out being the creator of the app.

They use different nodes that holds the original signature DNA of the Happs. Once the Happ checks itself against the signature and determines the app to be fake it transfers the user to its own space away from the original app. Pretty smart solution to security on blockchain in my opinion.


My Final Thoughts

HOT Holochain stands a decent chance of reaching the $248.00 mark within the next 4 years if they can build momentum in the online communities. They are offering a very secure and reliable solution for developers in a well know programming language Java Script.

The best part is we will actually be running these programs P2P blockchain style which makes it impossible for corporations to spy on us like google or even limit what we see on the blockchain.

HOT has the potential to be something great. However do they have what it takes to be known in the crypto universe and appeal to developers in order to grow Holochain to the level it will need to be at in order to hit the price prediction in the next 4 years?

That is a rather important question when you think about the future value of HOT. Can they succeed? Yes they could very easily. Will they succeed? Probably not with little to no community awareness. They need to drive more traffic, more exposure to the awesome work they are doing in order to gain developers that will release Happs on their blockchain grow the user database.

HOT is currently setting at almost a $76,000,000.00 Market Cap. Current 24 hour trade volumes of $6,648,026.00 and a circulating supply of 166,650,259,521 HOT. With a total supply of 177,619,433,541 HOT

As of the time of writing this HOT is currently up 1.02% The all time high of HOT was $0.002538 on May 19, 2019

I have to say it seems like HOT still could do something if it gains more traction in the years to come. I think the 4 year bench mark may need a couple years added to it. That is provided the creators of HOT don't jump ship and start something different in the meantime I will be holding my HOT with BiTrue and collecting interest from my HOT in the form of HOT.

I may wind up millionaire from HOT one day, only time will tell. Thanks for reading and God Bless You, Stay Healthy!

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