My Posting and Earning and Events for MAY

My Posting and Earning and Events for MAY

By SkinnerCrypto | Magic and Lasers | 2 Jun 2020

Hello again! Another month down. hopefully a million more to go. Yes, you heard that right folks. I am the Highlander.


I Look EXACTLY Like This.

This was an interesting month for several reasons, the first of which kicked my ass because I was FATIGUED. I wrote somewhere in the neighborhood of Jack and Shit. Then I got motivated for a project and it was all uphill from there. Whoo.


Okay, here we go:


BAT: 109.65 (23.68 USD)





BAT: 23.35 (5.04 USD)

DAI: 66.83 (66.83 USD)

LRC: 169.10 (8.45 USD)



HIVE POWER: 134.697 (35.02 USD)

HIVE BACKED DOLLAR: 41.005 (40.01 USD)



197 XRP (40.64 USD)





That's not bad at all. It's not the goal, but this month wasn't very kind in terms of IRL stuff and such. I fell into a pit of despair with writing, I don't know if it was just my mindset or lack of a muse or what, but I'm feeling better now. BESIDES THAT, There was a lot of cool stuff going on this Month.


1.) Didn't beat the Goal. Sadface. I'll do it next month.

2.) I won second place in the AELF WRITING COMPETITION! That blew my mind, and special thanks to Aelf for that!

3.) I was second mentioned behind Scott Cunningham for the 100K writing contest and recieved 5 DAI for the position! AWESOME!

4.) I began the project that took me out of my slump: the Intentional Community of The Future. There's going to be a lot of reading and research going into this project moving forward. I intend to someday make it happen. Until then. Reading, researching and more reading and writing. There's plans to make and dreams to capture. I'm still excited for this.

5.) I'm FINALLY clear to start school at WGU on July 1st! Grants paid for the first two terms and that's a great thing. I'm gonna major in Business Administration Management. Bachelor of Science. It's a FAR CRY from my STEM origins, but I'm fine with that. It's practical, and that's what I need now. I'm sure what I learn will prove to be indispensable to my future project. I'll explain why in PART 6.


TIME MANAGEMENT, DAMNIT.  That's actually harder than I thought it would be. I'll keep on it. It will be especially important if I wanna continue my stuff here while I'm doing my school. There will be a marked decrease, but I will meet my obligations and still post here. I like doing it.

REACH 500 USD THIS MONTH. This is my last "free" month until school starts, I gotta hit it hard to meet this goal. I can do it, I just need to write more. In addition to the other resources, I'm definitely gonna be able to do it.

CONTINUE RESEARCH ON MY FUTURE COMMUNITY PROJECT. Obviously. This is a big thing for me. I have bought several books on everything from public choice theory to management cybernetics. These are gonna be important in the future. I'm gonna make this happen. Eventually.

EXPANSION ON OTHER PLATFORMS. I have a good workflow down to where I can cross post my work to my other venues in order to maximize visibility. The current List is:





These will allow me to gain more visibility.

GETTING CLOSER TO GETTING THIS HERE FAMILY HOUSE BUILT. Big priority for me. Once I have that set up I'll be able to expand what I'm doing into other areas like video and such. I wanna get on LBRY. I think that would be nice. YouTube is a Bitch especially for CryptoTubers, but I might expand there as well.

KNOCK OUT AS MUCH SCHOOL AS POSSIBLE. I'm trying to get this schooling done ASAP. I am obligated to get 12 units done this 6 month term, but I'm gonna shoot for as many as I possibly can. Get it outta the way so I can focus on other stuff. Like:

- Life

-Becoming a Surveyor

- Expanding my content creation EMPIRE.

- Building the Community of The Future.

- Reading

Important stuff. Lots to do.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading, tipping, commenting and all the other cool stuff you guys do. I'm gonna keep doing what I do if you do too. Much love from the Basement. Don't come in. Unless you want to come in.






I'm a futurist, cryptocurrency enthusiast, techie, artist and aspiring land surveyor. I like to solve problems. I have some ideas for a planned community.

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