My Posting and Earning and Events for MARCH.
My Posting and Earning and Events for MARCH.

By SkinnerCrypto | Magic and Lasers | 1 Apr 2020

Coronaviruses, Hive Hard Forks, Binance Debacles, Justin Sun Mayonnaise Gargling, and a HUGE GODDAMN CRYPTO CRASH following a HUGE GODDAMN TRADITIONAL MARKET CRASH right when shit was picking up steam. BTC lost half its value in ONE DAY! This month has been one hell of a year. Damnit, Bobby.


You can Always Blame It On Bobby...

On Top of Crazy Crypto Events, my personal journey has been insanity. My laptop takes a dump on me, which sets me back a couple days, as well as a vacation and one hell of a month at my IRL job. Life seems to ALWAYS get in the way of my Crypto adventures, damn it.


So, despite it all, I saw a decent output:

NUMBER OF ARTICLES THIS MONTH: 13 (down -11 from last month. Shit.)

NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS ON PUBLISH0X: 1172. That's awesome. I hit the 1000 Club.

HIVE POSTS: 2. Disgraceful

HIVE FOLLOWERS: 40. A little gains.

UPTRENND POSTS: 2. Again, disgraceful.

UPTRENND FOLLOWERS: 4. I just started though.

STEEMIT: Don't care, powering down.



231.67 BAT (31.97 USD)

1.69 DAI (1.69 USD)

616.7275 HYDRO (0.17 USD)

Total in USD: 33.83 USD. (down -78.32 from last month, depending on market values of course)

That's a big OOF. I'm not counting in any of my SHILL OF THE WEEK experiments. I guess technically, with the HIVE hard fork, I also made about 600.00, but that's about 200 dollars more than what I put into Steemit. So technically out of my own work, maybe around 150 - 250 USD depending on market prices (I don't really count it because the hard fork was not something of my own doing.)


1.) I didn't catch a case of COVID-19, despite being on THREE planes in THREE different airports (Raleigh NC, Baltimore MD, and Fort Worth, TX)

2.) I learned a shit ton more about Cryptocurrency, different projects, Biology (thanks Virus), and Solidity programming (as well as a little Bootstrap. Damn, that's a bear).

3.) Got Study materials for my Surveyor in Training exam (learning to program an HP 35S calculator for test). That's been postponed a little mostly because of all this lockdown stuff. Damn it all to hell.

4.) More practice with GIMP. Getting pretty alright at it now.


-- All things considered, February was a good boost into the space for me, and March was on the opposite end, with me just kinda getting by. I gotta buckle down for April and see if I can make something more happen. I'm gonna try and write 1 to 2 articles a day (Post original on Publish0x, and post the article on HIVE and Uptrennd as well for max exposure). With that cross posting to the other platforms, I'm also going to make some exclusive articles for each platform that can ONLY be read on that particualr platform This is gonna be a bit of a test of endurance and time management, since life likes to get in the way often.

-- I'm gonna carry on with the base learning and development for my ERC-20 project. so after April, I'd say 10 months until Launch. It's gonna be awesome.

-- I make designs for T shirts and other accessories on Redbubble, maybe some of you would like that, so I'll post some designs on here and see what happens. Perhaps a good way to get people talking about Crypto! Do my little part for mass adoption.

-- SLIGHTLY LONGER TERM OBJECTIVE: Gonna look into MAYBE start doing some videos on say, LBRY or some other social blockchain video platform. I have a face for radio and the a demeanor just right for the short bus, but I'll look into doing this.

-- PERHAPS INVEST IN MY OWN SITE? It would be nice to have my own personal blog or whatever that I can use for posting, updates, whatever.

-- FINANCIAL GOAL NEXT MONTH: I want to make 200.00 USD online next month, all of my own efforts. That's the goal. The long term goal is 1000.00 USD per month.

Thank all of you once again SO SO much for reading, I REALLLLY appreciate all of you. None of what I do would be possible without you. I love you in a way that would make Sasha Grey blush.

-- Oh, I noticed that my futurism stuff is... not too popular. It's a passion project. Read it if you like it. I'll do crypto stuff mainly.

Until Next time, Keep your eye on the markets and for the Love of God wash you hands. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.


I'm a futurist, cryptocurrency enthusiast, techie, artist and aspiring land surveyor. I like to solve problems. I have some ideas for a planned community.

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