I Switched Out LibertyOS On My Computer. Now I'm Switching to Ubuntu. Here's Why.
I Switched Out LibertyOS On My Computer. Now I'm Switching to Ubuntu. Here's Why.

By SkinnerCrypto | Magic and Lasers | 22 Mar 2020

Geez, after all that hard work it didn't take long to realize that while I am totally invested in the idea of a Brave-Like OS, I'm very much disenchanted at the moment. That makes me feel bad. Why? Well, it would seem that despite my extreme enthusiasm for the OS project as a whole, I found the Beta to be wanting in several areas. For my everyday stuff, this is no problem. However, I'm looking to do more than the everyday stuff in the near future, so I'm gonna have to change for now. It blows balls. But I think it's for the best FOR NOW. Note that operative term.

So, What Happened?

The OS is Missing Some Important Stuff. Well, after having some issues installing some things through the terminal, I noticed that the biggest it had is that it didn't support some of the package manager utilities that would be native with say, Ubuntu (which I'm switching to). In order to experiment with some additional Ethereum blockchain development tools, I need these! Needless to say, I tried to find a workaround and had no luck finding it. I couldn't use stuff like "apt-get", or anything. It was a headache even trying to get NodeJS installed. Kills me.

LATER NOTE: Figured out that LibertyOS is based on Arch Linux. Thats why the Debian based shit didn't work. It would have been far too much work to screw around with installing the dependencies and shit so I said hell no. Forget about it. Why didn't LibertyOS base it on Debian or Ubuntu?

Documentation is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. I figured, "hey, if my dumb ass can't actually figure out how to use this, maybe it's more 'user error' than the design.' I looked into this, and if you search the web, look on their site, check the SourceForge listing for them, there's NOTHING. No wiki, no community to speak of with enthusiastic users to answer questions. There's approximately Jack-Be-Nimble shit on the subject matter of LibertyOS.

At this point, my DUE DILIGENCE kicked in again. Hold up just a second. Hold up just a damn minute. Did I, SkinnerCrypto, who gallivants around like a jackass proclaiming the virtues of checking shit before diving into it get bamboozled? I'm not gonna lie, I think it very much is possible. I'm not yet ready to go full flaps and suggest that LibertyOS is a Crypto scam. What I am going to say is that there are a few red flags that in my hubris and excitement, I overlooked. And frankly, I'm slightly embarassed. I was really rooting for these guys. That BEING SAID, I'm not ready to jump ship on them entirely, and here's why:

1.) The OS is in Beta. The operating system is obviously still in the early stages of development. I have trouble making a "Hello World" smart contract from scratch, and these folks are industry professionals. I figure this is hard, even if it is simply an altered Linux Distro.

2.)The Token Sale is Still In Effect. The token sale is slated to be finished by Q4 of 2021. There's a bit of time left, and this is clearly a new project.

3.) I Believe The Team. My introduction to LibertyOS was from DataDash on one of his sponsored interviews. I tend to trust what DataDash has to say and I do think that someone who is in the Crypto Space like he is has done his own vetting of individuals that he has on the Channel. This is subjective, and a shit way to come about a proper decision. It's a gut feeling. The Team seems passionate and they have chops.

So Ginger Man, You're an Asshat. Why Didn't You Look Into It?

I have experience in IT. I grew up around it and part of my day job deals with computers. It was something I know and the concept intrigued me. That's what happened.  That, and I'm more than willing to have an underdog come up through the ranks and take on the Monolithic Bloated Dickhole that is Microsoft. The PC needs a better OS. It DESERVES it.

If I have misled anyone, apologies. I'll eat my words. I'm willing to be wrong. But I'm not quite giving up yet. I'll give them some time, and I will re-evaluate when a new version of Beta is released. I'll evaluate it again and see what I think of it. Until then, I'm gonna be waiting. Who knows! Maybe when things get polished, they will get better. We will see.

Have You Considered Switching to Mac?

LMAO... get a load of this guy. Do I look like a Hipster Barista or a sexually ambiguous quirky girl asking, "What's a Computer?" Get the hell outta here. I'm a fat ginger nerdy man. You know I'm going for Linux.

Documenting The Struggle.

Okay, I promise that I work with computers. My everyday stuff typically includes troubleshooting software and fixing printers nowadays. Okay, I'm not a goddamn whiz. I get it. My knowledge borders on "enough to be dangerous" at any given moment.

I set up the USB for Ubuntu 18.04. That thing hit the shitter for reasons I don't know about. I tried fixing it for a couple hours then said "fuck it". What's the next stable build? 16.04.

Set up a USB again, and installed successfully. Cool. I need a good browser so I chose brave. Whoops! Only available on 64 bit. I installed 32 bit.


I'm now setting up the 64 bit version of Ubuntu 16.04 now. Waiting for that to finish. Then maybe I can FINALLY be done with this horse shit.

What a pain in the ass! I reinstall the 64 bit version of Ubuntu and for some dumbass reason I HAVE NO PERMISSIONS. I cant install anything via nvm because the ROOT has all the permissions. Fuck me. I read somewhere that it was the way I installed it. So... now I gotta go through this shit again. That's what I'm doing now. Hopefully doing this will make it better.

This Part Was Written a Bit AFTER The Inital Problem. Travel and Work Kept Me Away, I'm Back Now.

So, I finally figured this shit out and got myself in a good position with the computer. Ubuntu is amazing, there is SO much more documentation than there is for ArchLinux AKA LibertyOS.

I am somewhat disappointed with the OS, really. I want them to do better, and I hope they end up doing just that. I will wait and see. I do have a bit of money invested in them, so I'm hoping things do turn out. I'd like to see a return. BUT, I won't be seeing that for another year and a half (Token Sale slated to end Q4 2021). So in that case, I'll just keep chugging along with my other endeavors.

Thanks for reading I REALLY appreciate it. Thanks for sticking around, despite my little hiatus from Publish0x. It's been a CRAZY couple weeks, huh?

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Until next time (Really soon, playing catch up) keep your eye on the markets and stay healthy.



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