I Entered The Read.Cash Universe. This is What I Found.

By SkinnerCrypto | Magic and Lasers | 4 Jun 2020

In my Infinite Journey of trying to become the most Magical Internet Money Asshole in the Known Crypto Universe, my travels take me to some really interesting places. Among these places, I am always trying to find ways to peddle my craft and give people the opportunity to become part of my (growing) CRYPTO EMPIRE. There can be only ONE.


Already Made This Damn Joke.

Any case, my recent foray took me to a really interesting blogging platform that pays its people in Bitcoin Cash. It is creatively named Read.Cash.

What in The Hell is Read.Cash?

Too much enthusiasm, chief. I'm gonna tell you, just wait a goddamn minute.

Okay, is - like I said - a blogging platform that is centered around the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Crypto fork of Bitcoin. Their system is a little bit different from the Good ol' Fashioned Publish0x, but is similar in that just like us and Uptrennd, it is a web 2.0 blogging platform. Are you tired of waiting around, jerking the gherkin while Steemit mucks about its blockchain while posting your comment? Come on down to It's quick. It's simple. It's minimalistic.


Less is More. Unless it's Weiner.

Besides the concept (which I will delve more into in just a minute) takes full advantage of a minimal development mindset, which makes for a clean and clear viewing experience. The upvoting system is relatively similar to what you're used to on other sites, and the layout of articles is easy to read. Simple white background with easy-going article layouts.

There's one thing you want in Crypto if you wanna be part of the Mass Adoption Game: SIMPLICITY. If you make shit too difficult for the most idiotic user on the planet, then you have made it too hard for most people. That sounds kinda mean, but it is the truth; Do you think that Muffin Top Soccer Mom Karen is gonna spend time reading a whitepaper to understand the intricacies of Steem so she can post about how that cashier sneezed in front of her at Kroger?



I really regret photoshopping that... BACK TO BUSINESS. is a great platform for people who would otherwise find the blogging thing kinda daunting. I believe it can also be a great venue for "Getting the word out" about crypto... as long as it grows. Yes, is still pretty young, only having started late last year. It's growing steadily, which is great if it continues to do that.


There's actually several different ways to do it. The first thing you can do is make comments on posts, write and publish your own articles. The first thing this does is give you points that are then "cashed in" daily for little bits and pieces of BCH. It's great. I posted and commented a little bit there, and I gained about 0.04 cents of BCH for basically nothing. It as awesome.

The next way to get paid is to have people view your articles and "tip" you a little bit of BCH. This is the harder part because their content system is harder on Newbies than Steemit. Are you a new up and coming Internet Asshole that wants to gallivant around with an opinion? No dice, chief. You gotta start from the bottom and CLAW your way up into the upper echelons of GLORY. Who do you think we are? PUBLISH0X?


I Get More Views On My OnlyFans Page...

The struggle is real here. By their own admission: 

You see, like with anything - readers on follow a "power law". Which is a smart way to say that most popular authors get most of the audience and the rest enjoy very little attention. doesn't fuck around. You EARN YOUR KEEP there. By the way, I'm a narcissist. I don't "enjoy" very little attention. Checkmate.

That's okay, because if you're patient and have a little BCH behind you, go ahead and BOOST your posts. For as little as 0.01 USD, you can get views on your posts - and potentially FOLLOWERS. That's the ticket folks, you need followers here.

So, let's say you're really kicking ass in this site, you got yourself a few hundred followers and you're ready to take your relationship to the next level. Waht else could you do to make more money? Well... if you're really good, you can get some sponsorships. What are those? well... it's still a little unclear because it is in the experimental stages. Best I can tell is that if you can convince someone to pay you and have a little widget somewhere, you can have a sponsor. They're NO TOO CLEAR on this. But I'll look more into it.


I think has potential. Their fund is growing, as well as their user base. Their Alexa Rank is (at the time of writing this) 74,700. That is pretty damn good. Compare that to Publish0x, which is around 24,000. Not bad at all. I think that they will go places. Don't be jealous, Publish0x, You know you my baby.


So... I wanna readership on I NEED YOU HELP. Please consider FOLLOWING THIS LINK and signing up at the website, and then if you don't mind... BECOME A FOLLOWER OF MINE!!

I could really use you guys. There's an Asshole Empire to build, and without Brave, Noble and Incredibly Sexy Subjects such as yourself, I'm nothing. Literally. Thanks you SO SO MUCH for reading.

And until next time, keep your eye on the markets and stay powerful.


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