How we, the people, can fight back

By Mythcrusher | MAGA2020 | 9 Mar 2021

I have been wondering what we ordinary people can do to improve the odds of success with the Arizona ballot audit and supreme court case involving votes from vacant lots. Here is my suggestion.

Email the SCOTUS judges (especially Thomas)
We (the Americans who care) should email the SCOTUS judges, but especially Thomas, and tell him that first of all, we are proud of him for his dissent, and secondly and more importantly, he should try to convince Kavanaugh and Barret of just how important the canvassing case, aka "crime of the century," is for the future of the country, and the consequences of doing nothing about it. The canvassing case is where canvassers in AZ found that 5% of the total vote in that state was from vacant lots, non-existent addresses, and other suspicious circumstances, which is greater that Biden's margin of victory. Also, we should tell him to talk to Roberts, and talk about the consequence of doing nothing. Yes, he was almost certainly blackmailed, but maybe, just maybe, he will change his mind if Thomas talks to him, so we should tell him he should try.

Email the Arizona Senators
Secondly, we should email the Arizona Senators, and tell them we NEED an audit of 100 percent of the ballots instead of the 10% they decided on. We should tell them that the “random” sample they want to take is prone to manipulation by the Maricopa Board of Supervisors, and therefore may find no fraud no matter how rampant it is. Also, bring up that we believe Jovan Pulitzer should be the one to do the audit, or at least they should follow his advice. That video I posted explains the audit terms.

More suggestions
Tell your friends to do the same. Also, we can comment suggestions on the channel of Professor Toto, who has lots of followers, to do the same (email SCOTUS and AZ senators)! Here is his channel, and he is looking for ideas for us ordinary people to do, and I think this may be it!

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