Sappy Seals and the Pixlverse are set to be next up in the 2024 web3 gaming bull run

Why Pixlverse Pump?

It's still a bit of a secret how well Sappy Seals are performing in this bull market summit meeting before the ascension into Lamboland. The core asset of the Pixlverse metaverse has enjoyed between a 2-2.25X in the past week alone. What's even less known is the rebirth of Pixlverse assets into the forefront of bigbrain web3 smart money. Let's take a look at why Pixlverse is outpacing its peers at the moment and if this is just a lead up to a much bigger explosion down the road.

The Macro

The Seals community made great use of the hype around NFT Paris to showcase itself as the premier dark horse collection of 2024. Perhaps only The Plague (which is almost like a sister project of Seals in that they have very similar attitudes about building) can brag about pushing through the same amount of headwind and fud.

It's safe to say that Seals were the talk of Paris as everyone was looking for the next community to join after Pudgy Penguins. (This is marketing that other budding-projects-I-like-but-have-shit-marketing should look to emulate. $UEFN. 😂)

The Timing

There is no replacement for timing in the market. If it's not your time, there's nothing you can do about it. If it is your time, there's nothing anyone else can do to stop it. The Seals created the perfect timing through consistency — the group has been plugging itself whether or not NFT Paris was around to provide tailwinds.

But the timing couldn't have been better. Many of the Seals were rejuvenated in Paris around the announcement of new alpha for the Pixlverse, and the physical connection at the conference just boosted everyone's resolve to get the word out on social media.

The Alpha

Right around the time of NFT Paris, the Pixlverse dropped a new website for Project O along with plenty of teasers from the founder's account. Insiders knew that the Pixl Labs team had been hard at work at something; the new UI was just enough to keep people hype without sacrificing the play-it-close-to-the-chest mantra of Pixl Labs.

Gameplay for a pet fighter was teased. Coupled with the boisterous content explosion of the Seals from NFT Paris, the shipment was too much for some bigbrain web3 smart money. Money poured into the Seals/Pixlverse ecosystem with investors going a level deeper. Seals re-upped on Pixl Pets. Pixl Pet owners bought more $PIXL. Those with everything chose some of the ecosystem extras, e.g. a Blessed Goat for defi boosts.

Pixl Labs also amended docs to include the migration of Sappy Seals staking to Layer 2 — creating more positive hype around the brand as the CT expectation was for the end of staking entirely.

The Next Move

Though critiques of wabdoteth describe an arrogant and secretive personality, it can't be argued that he has created a culture of shipping product. The Seals community is willing to wait on Pixl Labs' next move instead of wen wen wening the Discord and TG groups, which means the Seals is a high quality [read: rich] group of web3 investors.

With this kind of foundation, I can't help but see the Seals moving higher as the bull market heats up. They have

1️⃣ macro timing down perfect
2️⃣ jeetless community (for the most part)
3️⃣ great marketing flywheel
4️⃣ dividends for participation

and a few other important pieces of the puzzle that are always necessary:

5️⃣ endless stream of Discord partnerships
6️⃣ buy-in of well-placed whales
7️⃣ X-factor of placement as an off-brand Penguin for those who can't afford to go full Pudgy

The Pixlverse seems like a potential winner and a lot of fun along the way. While influencoors are trying to get you to buy into games that have already pumped and play on a wrongheaded wEb2 iNcLuZun narrative, web3 native projects like Pixlverse offer more profit and a possibly better overall experience.

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Mad Money: NFTs, UGC and Web3 Gaming

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