The strategy to 1000X your gains in crypto

The Way of Miyamoto (The Kit-Kat Bar Theory)

Miyamoto Musashi, the sword saint of Japan, said,

Know one thing, know a thousand.

Meaning that by the mastery of one thing, because all things function by the same principles, you will understand 1000 things. Aside from being a master swordsman, Musashi was as well an acclaimed painter and poet. Likely because the slicing motions he perfected during swordplay translated favorably onto a canvas, and the harmony he created between body and mind to defeat skilled opponents honed his thought processes into aesthetically pleasing ways of phrasing his communications.

Know one thing, know a thousand is true of crypto.


If you follow any of these altcoin gurus, they're talking about a different coin every damn time you see them. Coins here, coins there. If you try to follow this, barring exceptional luck, you will lose all of your money. Diversification is death in crypto.

Blind diversification, that is. The philosophy of Musashi provides a natural diversification; it's just not the blind, lazy, stupid kind. The kind you get from buying this coin because this guy said so and buying the next coin because the next guy said so.

If you love games, you should stick with blockchain gaming and that's it.

If you're intrigued by AI, that niche of crypto projects should be the focus of your investments.

Defi, infrastructure, DePIN, RWA, whatever. Even the niches that aren't played up highly. You can make a million dollars in just smartBCH if you truly believe in Bitcoin Cash and study that system with unwavering durability.

I believe my edge is early stage investments.

I missed $PORTAL. Actually had a chance to get seed round, which would have netted me a 40X. I emailed the guy back too late, and slots had already been filled. A few days ago, everybody was talking about $PORTAL and how millionaires had been minted from that incredible launch.

Within the next 5 days, my $VIA investment from Gempad unlocked. I got a 40X.

The truth was I didn't understand $PORTAL when it was coming out. The reason I didn't get back to the guy in my VC group immediately was that I wasn't that hyped about the project. I was dead wrong, but that's the truth. I just didn't get what all the hype was about.

could see what Octavia ($VIA) was doing. They were in the Gempad TG explaining and showcasing their product, which worked very well. I focused my attention and money there and got the same 40X that $PORTAL seed investors got. Even though I didn't understand $PORTAL, I did take the time to understand early stage investments as a whole. That's my thing. As a result, I can continue to make money in crypto even if I miss the most hyped up opportunities.

If I had been chasing $PORTAL, I would have bought in after the 40X. I'd still be waiting on my wife changing returns and most likely in the red right now.

My advice to you, which is totally financial advice (FA), by the way. FA. DDYOR. IYKYK 😂

1️⃣ Choose a niche.

This niche should be insanely interesting to you. It should be something you're studying even without getting paid. If this niche isn't being talked about by the influencoors you follow, then maybe you should follow some new influencoors. A lot of those guys are accident rich anyway. They don't know anything they're talking about; they just know they're getting a check talking about it.

2️⃣ Put blinders on.

Make yourself as immune as you can to the movements of other markets. This will naturally be difficult, as crypto is full of people who love to yell about the thing that just went up. The Twitter "mute" button and "Do Not Recommend This Channel" option on YouTube are your best friends.

3️⃣ Study unceasingly.

There is no time for breaks in crypto. The market moves exponentially because the tech moves exponentially. Full time study is best, because many of the best opportunities are time sensitive. Annoyingly so.

4️⃣ Forgive your mistakes.

Mistakes are a part of study. If I hadn't forgiven myself for missing $PORTAL, I would have missed $VIA. Losing money in your chosen niche is your tuition fee. Forgive yourself and continue moving forward.

5️⃣ Plan your exit.

Crypto is unmerciful on the downside. But the only way you'll get caught there is greed. Remove that temptation by giving yourself attainable goals at the start of your investment cycle. Even after the majority of your money is outside the system, continue to study for opportunities to re-enter at better prices. The bull cycle in crypto has been predictable until this point — every four years you get tailwinds that can change your life.

This strategy should help you stay in your lane during this hype season in crypto, and it is applicable to your portfolio regardless of your interest. You could be interested only in ponzis and this would work. Hell, I love listening to Stunna Breezy myself. But I know that's not my lane, so I won't invest one dollar in what he's doing, even as I see him making millions (supposedly). The one thing I know is not what he knows, so I don't impose myself upon it.

But wait! You just said know one thing, know a thousand! So shouldn't you be able to do well in Stunna Breezy's ponzis if you really know your own thing, early stage investments?

Yes! I do excellent in ponzis! I stay out of them! 😂

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