Honey Miner vs Cudo Miner
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Honey Miner vs Cudo Miner

By Gh0st999 | L!v!ngCypt0 | 26 Jun 2020


First Impressions
Cudo Miner is far more elegant and competitive miner than Honey Miner, but that doesn't mean it obliterates it.

Cudo Miner
~Pros- A more transparent software. With pro miners in mind. It's what in my opinion Honey Miner strives to be. CPU miner: monero; GPU mines: Ether, Raven, Grim, Beam, Z coin, Bitcoin Gold, Vert.

~Cons- 0.002 BTC is the minimum equivalent of coined mined required to make a withdrawal. Can extract as much power from your PC as possible.

Honey Miner
~Pros- Simple plug and play. Minimum withdrawal amount is 2500 satoshis. CPU Mines Monero GPU Ether, Expanse, Z coin. Runs as stable as possible.

~Cons- Minimal control, less transparency, possibly less mining pools.

Final thoughts; I will be exploring both the software iterations closely and keep you updated as both have much to prove in future updates. Happy Mining!




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