The Inevitable Terra Revolution

By Fipo | lurker | 31 Oct 2021

I'm sure most of you know about LUNA and its corresponding blockchain Terra, but with over 160 projects expected to launch before the end of the year, it's rather easy to miss some hidden gems. The stable coins of the system ( UST, KRT, SDT, ... ) have scored some important adoptions and have so far stood well the test of time. From my perspective, this is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies for the time being and the best is yet to come.  The following are just a few projects that I'm eagerly waiting for:

White Whale     f86a03ecdcc45bae9ced767df0a56d3641687c0c47bfb8ab4487cee796b914f9.jpg

White Whale is an arbitrage platform made with the specific intent of being user friendly. Their slogan is "You Become The Whale", which is a clever reference to what their service offers. As UST needs to be kept at the exact value of the United States Dollar ( peg ) , Luna is used to correct and prevent imbalances. What White Whale does is allow the user to put some UST in a vault and let the system do its thing. Set it and forget it. Behind the scenes an arbitrage bot scans the Terra ecosystem and if there are assets that can be arbitraged ( same asset, different prices -> profit ) it sets off and your profit is automatically collected. Now, as cool as that is, what if there are no imbalances? Well, in case the bot can't find a profitable trade, the money gets put in an Anchor vault, notorious for giving nearly 20 % APY for UST deposited.  When something pops up, they get withdrawn and put into action and the cycle continues. That's the basics put simply and I just can't wait for the money printing to commence.

TerraLand (and Terrafirma )        162189f8dec58d0550dc512990dccbd8052059f3c8af40848b3070aab398b1cc.png

Two different projects with similar ideas - bring real estate to the crypto world and NFTs. Not the first manifestations of this idea, but they look extremely promising. As TLAND ( the first one ) has shown a lot more of its vision and is launching in a month I will mainly focus on it. You use UST to buy fractions of real property and you get around 5.5 % return on your investment that's paid monthly. Moreover, I contacted the team via Twitter to ask if one person could in theory collect all the tokens associated with a single property and they said yes. That's great news as you'll be able to keep building your investment in a certain location and should you decide to become the sole owner and just flat out have a house somewhere. The 4 properties shown so far are all very juicy - 3 exotic beach houses / mansions and a tower in London. Real estate investing is a hard market to enter mostly because of the ridiculous floor prices all over the world but projects like this one help the average and below average Joe by making even small amounts of money count.

Levana     bcbba2203b0bcaf80991abf00b5f7b4264a4adab74747b345ca2dd59f9d17596.jpg

Leverage trading is a familiar concept to a lot of traders and Levana is what will enable it on the Terra blockchain. Levana ( LEVerage ANy Asset ) will employ NFT tokens and will be dragon themed. Being one of the most popular projects, the chances of early failure are greatly reduced in my opinion and if fantasy tokens can net you passive income via leverage trading I'm all in.



Mars protocol is a decentralized bank that will serve as a borrowing/lending platform. Unlike AAVE for example, Mars will offer uncollateralized borrowing, which is already a big step forward. There will be a governance token giving some return from transactions within the Mars bank to the holders and allowing for fair management of the project ( voting power ). The developer team has checked all the boxes for me to feel that this is a very solid endeavor. A lockdrop and an airdrop seal the deal as they make sure the community gets rewarded for giving the protocol a head start.


 This was meant to be a simple highlighter for the ecosystem and its growth and not an in-depth analysis on the above mentioned projects. Those are things I plan on investing in but who the hell am I. Please do your own research and thanks for reading.

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