March Profits And Update On Yield Nodes + Bonus

By Fipo | lurker | 1 Apr 2022

Another month the world hasn't ended is another month I'll be compounding my rewards from Yield Nodes. For those unaware, I strongly advise you to read my last post, which is a master thread on their service, but basically it's a fund where your money is being used to node smaller coins and other startups. It's very audited and transparent, but as all investments in this space, it's not completely risk-free. Every month you get a return on your investment and you can either withdraw or compound with the ladder being the secret to success ( IMO ). This month netted users 7.4% . Not shabby at all, but I think considering there was a mini bull run the last few days, some lingering profits will spill into next month's yield. The team announced a 200 000 euro donation to Ukraine, half of which came from users choosing to give and the other - from the core team. That is not necessarily good news for our potential profits, but it's definitely a nice gesture and it sparks confidence that they are able to set 100k aside without it impacting severely their future plans.

I will surely continue my journey with their service as I've seen nothing but growth in my investment while the market has been all over the place the last half a year. Special thank you to my man who signed up and deposited using my referral link from last post! As promised, the 5% I get from you registering, I sent back to you, so you got almost 40 bucks coming your way any time now ( sorry for not seeing it earlier ).  For anyone interested, here are the links to the previous post and the site itself. You too, will receive the 5% as a thank you and in hopes that we get richer together.


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