The Passive Income Gem That Copes With Bear Markets - Yield Nodes + Bonus At The End

By Fipo | lurker | 25 Feb 2022

The following post is dedicated to a project I have been closely following for a few months and have spent an enormous amount of time researching. Opportunities that promise good monthly returns and have a lock up raise red flags for me, so the first time I heard of Yield Nodes, I thought it's another glorified ponzi, where the money is not invested in products or processes, but is simply paid out to older clients. Boy, was I wrong. The premise of the project is simple - masternoding made simple, i.e. you don't connect wallet, you don't pay VPS ( virtual private server ) fee, you don't even pick the coins you are masternoding. A step back for any reader that might not be familiar : running a node/masternode is basically you, having invested collateral and running a program on your PC, verify transactions on a blockchain, thus collecting fees and making fairly passive income. The problem with undertaking this is that the entry is quite expensive and the coin of choice might have bad months. Sure, some nodes are cheaper to get into and the good ones will probably survive bad periods, but having tens of thousands of dollars and complete faith in a project is not something everyone has at all times. 

Back to Yield Nodes, first put simply, then elaborated upon. The simple version: you put an initial deposit and every month you get a return ~ 5%-15%, which you can either compound or withdraw as BTC. You can also do a mix of the two. The numbers vary as the service they provide actually exists and markets fluctuate, therefore the fees they collect is worth more or less in fiat value every month. 

Why this is nearly 30% of my portfolio?

1. The team is fully doxxed, their faces, names and countries of residence are known. They have conducted interviews, taken the time to talk personally to clients and have a good track record in their careers prior to Yield Nodes. Meaning a scam or a rug pull is highly unlikely, as they will get sued or worse.

2. They have passed multiple security audits, blind checks from clients ( random people that invested were invited to see the balances they control behind the scenes), undergone financial inspector evaluation and were deduced to have at least 180% of the capital that was given to them ( sum as of about a month ago)! Due to the vast amount of wallets and noding they do, a hack is highly unlikely to occur or cause any serious damage.

3. They are not overpromising and are completely honest that the rewards might probably start declining at some point, but that is due to the niche they occupy - as more people/companies invest in various crypto projects ( and running nodes) , the returns will come down for everyone. So, start early cause even 3% a month could be a good monthly income if the balance was high enough.

4. They have a lot of plans to counter the potential decline above and some are already in the works.

5. Your money can't go down. You deposit in BTC or USDT, but your balance and rewards are always pegged to the Euro, so even in bear markets, your monthly profits will be coming in fiat money and not discount crypto. This is obviously huge, because it means that the biggest risk is them not offering good returns ( your money won't devalue unless WW3 ). 

6. Compounding those returns, even the smallest possible ones, builds wealth rather rapidly. Observing this personally.

I will leave links to interviews and resources, so you can make a decision for yourself. Over two and a half years of consistent excellence, profits and growth. If the project wasn't legitimate, they would not have offered 7.2% return in a month that BTC went -40%, be working on debit card integration ( shhh ), or respond to my stupid emails. They dealt with the COVID crisis, the supply chain issues and the other nasty worldwide events the past couple of years. I couldn't find a single bad review or complaint for the ~ 30 months they have been up and running. I hope this article helps someone, but I'm mostly aiming it at smaller fish like myself. The reason is that in a sea of scams and disappointment, it took me way too long to find the courage and resources to pull the trigger on an investment I believe in and I'd love to have made it easier for others.b63226b20c53ab79cdd4129d32ec94ea8106949f1cc02525e0bdaee8378542e4.png

!!! There are still risks, as there are with any investment, and there are many phishing links and scam sites, so be very careful. My link and the links of the other resources in the thread are tested and lead to the legitimate site. 

Bonus time. It is no secret that referral links bring cash to the referrer but considering that you will be putting your hard-earned money, should you choose to use my link, I will send you the affiliate earnings I receive for you( if you mess up and register blank or another link, I can't take a loss) . No trick, no catch - if you end up liking the service, you will probably put more deposits and I'll get some 5%  and on the other side, if you just do it once and let it ride I have lost nothing but the time and effort to help some folk. I would understand if my enthusiastic style or presentation raises a a little suspicion, but I urge you to really explore for yourself before jumping to negative conclusions.  Luna, The Cosmos Hub and Yield Nodes have been the absolute best things I've gotten involved in and despite having monetary interests, I would never encourage or praise something fraudulent.

As I collect more information on their future plans and my balance increases naturally, I will be writing a second post about these guys. Feel free to ask anything in the comments, although I suspect the official site will have all the information I didn't cover here. an audit done on them, the most reassuring info I found when I started a recent interview with the CEO, Steve; Decide for yourself when you hear the man in charge  answer questions

My referral links for 5 % bonus, sent via the site or TRX , once confirmed and available. Let's make it together!

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