Free ~ 8$ - 22$ Bonus No Deposit From NBX

By Fipo | lurker | 2 Feb 2022

I've been away for a while but stumbled upon this deal, The Norwegian Block Exchange is offering a welcome bonus to users who complete a simple KYC ( know your customer ) with no investment or bank card/account. The bonus amount depends on whether you live in a Scandinavian country or elsewhere, but free money is free money. The verification process takes very little time and effort and you can refer some of your friends for a cut of their fees. When you receive the bonus ( instantly after verification ) you can keep it BTC as it is the apex asset or you could see it for Scandinavian fiat. The best option for just getting the money out would be to trade BTC to ADA and take advantage of the low amount of ADA necessary for a withdraw. If you happen to live north, maybe it's even worth using in the long term but at the time of me writing this there are less than 20 cryptocurrencies listed.

Have a good day, referral link below :

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